Your Money At Risk | How to Navigate this Crisis!

SVB and five other banks just went insolvent over the past few weeks, not to mention the S&P 500 is now trading below that 200-day moving average and back into that broadening descending wedge. And there’s also some crazy things going on in the stock market as well. Some of the largest volume that is buying the S&P 500 in an index called SPY, 7.3 billion in volume, has poured into the ETF, which is the largest since the pandemic. And not to mention at the same time, the largest put volume that the stock market has ever seen, which means people are protecting their positions or betting on their positions going down.

Not to mention, there is some extremely urgent information going on with what the FED is now doing, which is going to change everything, and it’s probably going to wipe out a lot of investors. So in this video, I want to help you understand what is going on because I’m telling you the timing of all this stuff is super, super critical.

So obviously, there’s a huge banking crisis going on. What has really happened recently is banks have bought in a ridiculous amount of assets with all the depositors’ money. Now, a lot of banks don’t even have to hold any of depositors’ money, so if you put a hundred bucks in, they can hold zero of those dollars in the bank. It’s pretty much like FTX because what they do is they lend that money out, and then they also make investments. And meanwhile, the things that they invested in, AKA U.S. treasuries, have gone down by about 30, 40, 50 percent since they have bought them over the past couple of years because the FED continuously raised rates and bond prices have inverse relationships to interest rates. So they’ve gone down in value.

So now there are massive unrealized losses, and the FDIC is extremely worried about these losses, and they are so big. I’m telling you there are over 600 billion dollars in losses right now across different U.S. banks, which is extremely worrisome. So as the Fed keeps hiking rates and hiking rates and hiking rates, that’s pushing bond prices down, down, down. And meanwhile, no one really knew that banks had this much exposure to treasuries…

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