What Is Nurp?

What does the word Nurp mean, and why do we decide to name the brand “Nurp?” Well, I’m going to give you some context real quick by sharing the exact story.

So, I actually grew up in Columbus, Ohio. I then went to school elsewhere in another state, and then I came back and worked for the largest bank inside the United States, an asset management firm in Columbus as well. I was always there, and when I left the bank and actually started my own ventures and companies, I ended up, about six months later, able to save up enough money to finally move out of my hometown. I moved to San Diego, California, with a bunch of other great entrepreneurs that I’ve met through different types of masterminds and things. We moved into a place; it was a really odd house. It was a completely purple house. We lived on the second story of this massive purple house. And it wasn’t just purple stucco on the outside; okay, it was also purple lighting on the inside. So, these LED lights were strung through the ceilings. All the ceilings had a really unique structure to them. There were some rooms with 20-foot ceilings and some rooms with 10-foot ceilings. It was a very interesting design for a house, very, very odd. And we had this massive rooftop deck as well that would cover the entire building, overlooking the water in the bay, the city, and ultimately the mountains on the other side. It was a really epic house, and that was the first place that I truly had quantum leaps in my income, in my happiness, in my level of freedom that I felt like I had. It was the first time where I experienced this really rapid growth and just that complete feeling of freedom.

The house was a very, very interesting place, and we actually named it ‘the purp nurp’ because it was purple, we like to rhyme, and ‘nurp’ was a great word. So then, when it started to narrow down to just the word ‘Nurp,’ how are you going back to the ‘Nurp?’ Cool for leaving the gym, we’ll talk about going back home; we say, “Hey, are you going back to the ‘Nurp? Okay, great.” And then, we left that house, and for tax purposes and many other reasons, moved to Miami, Florida.

Well, I always kept the feeling of that house inside of me. That was the first place where I had these really big growth spurts, and that’s something that everyone at least once already has. And what I found was, when I’m thinking of the name of the brand, I didn’t want the name of the brand to just be another random thing like ‘Market Makers 101 Freedom’ or something very generic. So, when I thought of, okay, what does the brand actually represent? It represents the ability to have quantum leaps in your income, finances, and most importantly, your freedom and happiness. And how do you be a successful trader? Well, in order for you to win, someone else actually has to lose. It is a zero-sum game. And in order to win, you have to be beating other people. So, how do you beat other people? You have to think differently. You have to be different. Just like the house in San Diego called ‘Nurp’ that had these interesting ceilings, the weird purple stucco, the weird purple lighting, the very odd layout of the house, you have to be okay with being different and being somewhat of a contrarian in order to be successful in trading. That is why the brand has taken on that identity because it represents the exact same thing that you need to have in order to be successful. So, number one, it represents quantum leaps. How do you have those quantum leaps in your income, finances, and happiness? You’ve got to start thinking differently. If you’re going to think the same way that all the average people in the world think and act and trade in this circumstance, you’re likely to get average results in an average reality. And you’re not going to have those quantum leaps. So, it represents the quantum growth that you’ll have from thinking differently and, most importantly, acting differently in order to be successful in trading.

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Jeff Sekinger

Founder & CEO, Nurp LLC

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