Top 7 Finance Documentaries to Elevate Your Financial Literacy

If you’re looking to deepen your understanding of the world of finance, you’re in the right place. These top seven documentaries will not only help you on the road to greater financial literacy, but will also captivate you with their insights into money, finance, and the intricacies of the monetary system.

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1. Inside Job (2010)

Inside Job provides a deep dive into the 2008 financial crisis, unraveling its root causes and exposing the roles played by many key institutions and individuals. Through meticulous analysis and expert interviews, this documentary offers a comprehensive view of the financial meltdown that shook the world.

2. The Ascent of Money (2008)

The Ascent of Money take the viewer to the beginning of money, and teaches about the evolution of money, banking, and finance in this enlightening documentary series. From ancient civilizations to the modern financial landscape, The Ascent of Money explores the forces that have shaped our monetary system and economic history.

3. The Corporation (2003)

While not solely focused on finance, this film investigates the rise of multinational corporations and their profound impact on society, including financial markets. This eye-opening documentary raises questions about corporate power and its influence on the global economy.

4. Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (2005)

Delve into one of the most notorious corporate scandals in history—the Enron debacle. This movie takes you behind the scenes of corporate greed, accounting fraud, and the devastating consequences of unethical behavior within the energy giant.

5. Money for Nothing: Inside the Federal Reserve (2013)

Discover the inner workings of the Federal Reserve and its pivotal role in shaping the U.S. economy. With a focus on monetary policy and its impact on financial markets, this documentary provides valuable insights into the world of central banking.

6. Frontline: The Warning (2009)

This film highlights the prescient warnings issued by economist Brooksley Born regarding the dangers of unregulated derivatives trading in the late 1990s. It offers valuable lessons on financial regulation and the consequences of ignoring sound advice.

7. Too Big to Fail (2011)

Based on Andrew Ross Sorkin’s book, this film provides a dramatized account of the 2008 financial crisis and the government’s response to the impending economic catastrophe. It offers a behind-the-scenes look at the high-stakes decisions made during a critical period in financial history.

These documentaries are more than just informative; they’re engaging narratives that shed light on the intricacies of finance and the events that have shaped our economic landscape. Whether you’re a finance enthusiast or simply curious about the financial world, these films are a must-watch to expand your financial literacy and gain a deeper understanding of the global economy. So, grab some popcorn and get ready to embark on an educational cinematic journey.

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