The Most Profitable Candlestick Setup I’ve Ever Used

This is by far the most profitable Candlestick setup that I have ever witnessed in my 6 years of being in financial markets. Now, a lot of us may know this as a more common term, but the one that I’m going to tell you about is just a tad bit different, and it comes from a Trader called Walter Peters. Welcome back to the channel; my name is Matt Jimenez. I am an entrepreneur that has been able to work with the greatest minds in finance, and I’m just here to drop some of the knowledge they’ve dropped on me to share with all of you. Let’s get right to it.

So, The Kangaroo Tail. Over the 6 years of trading, I have paid for tons of courses. I’ve paid for signals, I’ve paid for chats, I’ve paid for mentors—you name it. I’ve spent thousands of dollars just on education and the possibility that somebody is coming to save me. Unfortunately, that is never true and has never been the case. But along the way, I have found tons of things that have helped me become a profitable investor rather than a day trader. And those are two different words, and they hold totally different meanings. But for the purpose of this video, I’m going to give away one of the most profitable setups that I’ve ever experienced being in financial markets for so long.

Now, the term kangaroo tail comes from a day trader called Walter Peters, who I studied day in and day out as a young trader in my days. And he has a book called Naked Forex. It is by far one of the best books if you are into technical analysis and you enjoy looking at charts and trying to predict where their next move may be. Now, I’m going to go a bit deeper into the exact setup that he talks about in this book and how I’ve used it in my own personal experience.

So, you’re going to get the demonstration of what this setup looks like, particularly just the Candlestick, and then I’m going to show you how I use the Candlestick when I’m assessing financial markets. Okay, guys, technical breakdown. Just opened up my trading view, now I’m just going to randomly pick a few of these pairs that are here on the right column. None of this is scripted, and I’m literally just clicking and going through the chart live with you so you can see the setups in real time as I see them.

Since my cursor is on this, I guess let’s just go ahead and go with this one. This is gold. Now, always when assessing charts, I like to start from a monthly and work my way down. Normally, the monthly will give me a large overview of where we are in the market and where we’re headed, and it allows me to find the overall sense of where I think this asset may be trending. Then I typically drop down to lower time frames like the daily and weekly to give me a little bit more insight on how these moves are taking place. And then when I want to execute a trade, I would always jump into the hour chart to try and find the best price possible for their overall move.

Now, enough of that; let’s go straight to the exact setup that has helped me become profitable and many other people become profitable in their day trading journey. And ironically, we just dropped to 1 hour, and I promise you this is not scripted, but there is a perfect setup on the Candlestick that I was mentioning earlier called the kangaroo tail. I’m just going to go ahead…Please visit The Most Profitable Candlestick Setup I’ve Ever Used to watch the full video!

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