The Most Likely Way to Get Rich

Chasing side hustles is the exact reason why so many people don’t ever actually become successful. So many people in today’s age are constantly looking for alternative sources of revenue, which of course is smart. But the idea that you can just have multiple businesses running in tandem amongst one another is absolutely illogical.

They say the person who chases two rabbits catches none. So stick to one, and that way you can guarantee a win. In this video, I’m going to dive deep into why that is the case. Without further ado, let’s get right to it.

Welcome if you’re new to the channel. My name is Matt Jimenez. I am an entrepreneur who has worked with the greatest minds in finance, and I’m here to pour into you guys everything that they poured into me.

So, I put an Instagram story up asking what you guys would like to see on this channel, and we had a winner. Shout out to Phil David Andrews who left this exact question up above. He asks, “Side hustles, other income streams to help put more money into the FED bot (forex trading algorithm).” Essentially, what he’s asking is how he can figure out a way, or speaking for other people, how people can find a way to generate more monthly recurring revenue, because that’s what it comes down to. They want to earn more on a monthly basis to be able to afford investments, hence the FED bot (forex trading algorithm). That’s what he meant by that question.

Now I’m going to dissect this question a little bit deeper than that. So, I actually do not believe in side hustles. I believe side hustles are a scam. I believe in one hustle and doubling down. I believe in running the deficit, taking the loss, taking the chance, taking the risk, and putting every ounce of sweat equity into one endeavor, because failure can only happen at the moment you quit. And I know that sounds a bit contrary, but you have to understand, most people who are winners only stick to one thing until it is the one thing that feeds them their family, their employees, and everyone around them, and hence, contrarians are normally the ones who are typically correct. Don’t want to follow the herd? You want to do the opposite. So from my personal experience, I have doubled, tripled, and quadrupled down on my content creation agency, which we are approaching the seven-figure mark in revenue very shortly. And I say that with massive emphasis. Trading algorithm.

If I were to go ahead and use all of my energy and divide it up into multiple side hustles, trying to find one that will pay me the money I’m looking for, chances are they will only be side cash. If you want full-time cash, you want full-time effort. You can’t have a bunch of little things that you’re dabbling in because you’ll only get a bunch of little returns. Yes, it sounds like, well, a bunch of little returns will accumulate, but one thing you don’t understand is when you have a bunch of side incomes, it is very difficult to feed those to grow to the income that you desire because hustles take energy, effort, consistency, and discipline. Trading algorithm.

Without all those attributes with the full intent into that thing that you’re doing, you will never have those things pay you the money that you want. Plus, I believe having one thing that you’re quadrupled down in is far less risky than spreading yourself thin and having multiple things. I believe that’s more risky and more likely to fail because if you do…

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