The Algorithmic Trading Accelerator User Manual

Welcome to the world of algorithmic trading through the Algorithmic Trading Accelerator (ATA), brought to you by Nurp. This comprehensive guide will help you get started and optimize your trading experience with our sophisticated yet user-friendly platform.

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Getting Started

Product Overview

The ATA empowers traders with three high-performance trading algorithms specifically designed for the forex and gold markets, named the Fed bot, the Yellen bot, and the Gold Digger bot respectively. With the upcoming addition of the Nakamoto bot, our platform is expanding to accommodate the cryptocurrency market, promising an even broader trading spectrum.

Key Features

  • High Win Rates: Enjoy a 71% – 92% trade win rate, fueling your trading success.
  • Impressive Growth: Users self-report an average monthly growth of 11.91% as of April 2024.
  • Large User Base: Join a community of over 2,500 users who trust our platform.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigate the platform with ease, regardless of your trading experience.
  • Efficiency with Minimal Time: Get maximum results with minimal time commitment thanks to our automated bots.
  • Immediate Access to Algorithms: From day one, access all current and future trading algorithms developed by Nurp.

Step 1: Purchase & License

To get started, purchase the ATA from Nurp. Upon purchase, we will license you the trading algorithm software. This license provides unrestricted access to our suite of trading algorithms.

Step 2: Broker Account Setup

After licensing, create an account with your preferred broker, then download and install the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform onto your Virtual Private Server (VPS).

Step 3: Connect to Your Broker

Link your newly acquired license to your broker account. This process is straightforward and integral to activating your ATA software.

Step 4: Configuration and Risk Management

Utilize our in-depth video series for a step-by-step guide on setting up your trading algorithms, managing risk settings, and customizing other settings to suit your trading preferences.

Operating Your Algorithmic Trading Accelerator

Initiating Your Bots

Once set up, the trading bots will begin to autonomously open and close trades in your selected markets. This process is designed to be hands-off, allowing you to focus on other interests.

Customization and Control

You maintain complete control over the bots’ risk levels and operational settings. Adjust these according to your risk tolerance and investment goals to maximize performance.

Support and Customer Service

Nurp is dedicated to providing exceptional customer support. Contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at 786-977-2443 during regular business hours with any questions or concerns regarding setup, operation, or customization of your ATA.

Financial Autonomy

Privacy and control are paramount. Nurp does not require access to your financial or broker accounts. You control all financial decisions and information.

Subscription Model

Following your initial purchase, a modest monthly subscription fee is applied for each active bot. This model ensures ongoing access to our cutting-edge trading algorithms and continuous platform enhancements.

Getting the Most Out of the ATA

Explore all available resources, including our instructional videos, FAQs, and user forums, to fully leverage the capabilities of your Algorithmic Trading Accelerator. Take advantage of community insights and company support to refine your trading strategies and optimize your earnings.

Thank you for choosing Nurp’s Algorithmic Trading Accelerator. Embark on your trading journey with confidence, supported by our advanced algorithms and unwavering commitment to your success. Welcome to the future of trading.

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