Looking at the Trading Algorithm’s Performance Inside the Community

By now, everyone has seen my algorithmic performance and a plethora of other accounts and how well they’ve been doing. In this video, I want to go into a section of the community that we have, which is called “Share Your Wins.” In this section, all of the users using the licensing software to trade for them go ahead and drop their wins in there. We get to check out how well everyone else is doing. In this video, I want to do a deep dive through the community and see how well they are doing without cherry-picking any massive wins but seeing how well everyone is doing across the board. Without further ado, let’s see how we’re doing.

Welcome! If you’re new to the channel, my name is Matt Jimenez. I’m an entrepreneur who has worked with the greatest minds in finance over the last several years, and I’m here to share with you guys everything important that they’ve shared with me. On this channel, I typically like to go over the algorithmic trading software from Nurp and track its trading performance. But in this video, I actually want to dive deep into the Nurp community and see how well all the other users are doing across the board. Yes, this is going to be fully organic. I’m not cherry-picking any massive winners or bad losers. I’m just going to sit there and scroll for a little bit to see how well these people are doing across the board.

Again, I know you’ve seen all of my videos going over my own account and also other accounts within our ecosystem. Now it’s time to see without any filter how well we are doing collectively. This community has over 3,000 users leveraging our software to gain an edge in their portfolios. Let’s jump right in.

So here we are. This is where all the users get to communicate with one another and share their wins. Once people buy the software, they get the opportunity to join all of our communities because we believe in unity through community, and with unity, there’s strength. People who are confused or facing a learning curve can get assistance from other community members alongside all the Nurp team members who will obviously assist you. You can do it one-on-one or in groups with many other users. That’s one of the massive upsides of joining the Nurp community.

This specific community is called “Share Your Wins.” It’s quite self-explanatory; we’re just going through all the wins. Now let’s do a few scrolls to see what we stumble across.

Okay, so for the first guy, we have “First 100K in Profit.” This is Jeff, who just crossed $100k in profit with a 76% gain today on one account in about 10 months. “I have never traded Forex before in my life,” Jeff says. Again, guys, many people who join the community think they need prior experience to license one of these softwares. That is a myth and not true. In fact, the majority of people I’ve come in contact with are completely oblivious to the foreign exchange markets, yet they utilize this software and are performing better than most people who have been trading their entire lives. So, prior knowledge is not necessary, and here you have it first from Jeff.

Again, guys, like I said, I’m not cherry-picking anything. I’m just scrolling. In fact, I had tried one other trading bot before this, a well-known marketer, but it had zero educational material on how to properly manage risk, drawdowns, settings, etc. It blew my 10K account. They set up the bot for me and then took no responsibility. That is a horror story, and that’s the danger of getting involved with other algorithmic trading companies that do not operate with moral standings or proper business ethics. One thing I like about Nurp is that business is at the forefront of it all. This is why we are the head leaders in this space. We are undoubtedly the best in this space. In fact, our team has probably grown to over 100 employees by now, and all of them put the clients first, which carries the business. Both of these are coupled together, and we make sure to hold this with utmost integrity.

“Great day, got 100% of my investment back today trading in the black.” I’m assuming what they said trading in the black is basically house money, but it looks like they got their initial investment back, which is amazing. This is a $40,000 Fed account, as you can see. 40K Fed, and this is from Dawn. Thank you guys for posting these wins.

Let’s see what this one is. CAD/CHF, so basically they just titled a currency trading pair that just closed out after having adjusted their take-profit.

I added 10 pips. The Fed had a take profit at 0.64959 after entering 20 trades. After looking at the 4-hour chart, I determined that I could move my take profit to increase the profit at close. I added 10 pips, and the new take profit was 0.6595. Overnight, the chart moved past the Fed take profit and lingered there for a few hours. This morning, I watched and debated closing out manually to capture the $12,200 profit that was showing, but I was able to resist. Sure enough, it hit my take profit, resulting in just over $2,000 in profit. The chart has moved another five pips past my adjusted take profit. Patience and controlling your emotions yielded the additional $800 this morning. Thank you, Nurp.

This is something I actually want to touch on. They mentioned that they adjusted their own take profit. This is the beauty of the software: you have the sovereignty to do as you please. In fact, I’m going to make another video addressing that and how you could actually do that.

On another note, the other thing that they said here that was very interesting was that they were patient and controlled their emotions. One thing about algorithmic trading is it takes out about 90% of the emotional involvement when it comes to trading. I myself have traded for many years, and many other people that I talk to trade, and emotions are always involved. No matter how stoic you think you can be, it does not matter; you will always have some type of emotional tie to a position or a setup because that is our nature. We’re looking for a security net in our future, or we’re projecting potential profits to make up an expense. It doesn’t matter how you look at it, we’re always getting emotionally involved.

With the software, it eliminates the emotion, so all you have to do is sit through the ride, let the software do what it does, and trust in it. Again, it’s been back-tested for many years to prove its profitability, so you can rest assured.

Back to the community, and before I scroll any deeper, you can see that they actually wrote their own disclaimer.

Alright, this is the new software. In fact, side note, I’m actually funding an account right now. I’m just in the process of downloading MT5 with $110,000 in there to track how well this Dio bot does because the hype around it within the Quant department has been extremely high, which makes me overly optimistic about how well it can perform. This exact screenshot is one of the reasons why I’m so excited to start this account.

Two days ago, Eric posted a screenshot of his MyFXBook, and as you can see, on the day he did 4.77%, this week he did 7.79%, and this month he did just over 15%, sitting at 15.34%. That is stellar performance, and that is why I’m so excited to start documenting the Dio bot for everyone to see.

Scroll down a bit further, and we see “First Milestone Completed” by Daryl and Don. It looks like this is a potential couple that started an account together. They are using the OX Securities broker, they have the Fed bot, and they have $51,000 in there. They wrote:

“Good morning, we launched our Fed bot on January 14th, 2024, with $40,000 and introduced a boosted Yellen on February 17th with an additional $10,000. Today, we’ve achieved our first significant milestone: we’ve recuperated our initial investment and most of the monthly licensing fees. Big thanks to the Nurp team, from the salespeople to the onboarding team and everyone in our daily Zoom calls. Special shout out to those Nurpers who regularly share their extensive knowledge during these calls. We couldn’t have achieved this without everyone’s support.”

Again, this is just really a testimony to the validity of having a team around you doing the same exact thing with the same exact goal. Everyone in the community is trying to get the most out of the software collectively because everyone is attracted to getting their time back while working harder. The only way to do that is by having a vehicle that can make your money work for you. When something’s working for you, that means you gain something back, and that something back is time.

They’re giving a big thanks to the community. As I said earlier, the community is one of the biggest upsides to joining the Nurp team because, outside of the employees in the company, you have over 3,000 people all with the same goals, doing the same exact thing, and finding hacks within the software to optimize while also sharing their experiences. It’s just like one big family, and I don’t think you can get that really anywhere else.

So, community is one of the strongest things that I believe in. To the first part of their message: they added another software to their account. I covered that in one of my other videos, and the link is right here. The beauty of joining the ATA is that you actually have the ability to license all of our software. We don’t just have one. Yes, the FED bot is the most popular because it’s the one that has been around the longest and tested the longest, but we’re continuously working on more and more software to add to our Rolodex to help people get an edge in their portfolio.

What I find very interesting is people will do combinations of one to two software and find that it’s far more profitable that way. Here, this person is saying that they did the FED bot and then added a Yellen bot to that. When they say boosted Yellen, that means they probably went a bit higher risk on the Yellen bot. I made a video on that as well—Yellen on espresso—it did absolutely amazing, and that bot is still crushing it to this day.

So here we have Pete: “It’s 7:21 a.m. Central Standard Time, and I woke up to a 5.71% gain, starting the first day of our family vacation with an extra $14,801 in the bank. Not a bad way to start off. 26% for June so far.” I mean, I don’t even have to give any input on that. You guys can just look at that, pause it, and just hear me read that to you again. It’s quite life-changing, to say the least.

Scroll down just a bit: “Trust the bot.” Nate: “I was in CAD/CHF” (this is a pair that he’s referencing) “since May 27th, and I woke up, and it was up to 44 buys. It closed last night while sleeping and made $7K on a $320,000 account. I am at $119,000 for the month and 6.2%. That was better than my morning coffee. If you know me, it’s very difficult to beat the morning coffee. That’s one of my favorite pleasures in life, but I think that Nate here is 100% spot-on by saying it beat his morning coffee. I would be saying the same.”

Another plus 1% for the Dio. This is from Joshua. They’re running the FED, Yellen on espresso, and Dalio. This person is running three of our software. This is the power of joining NUNurpRP. They’re running three trading algorithm softwares; you don’t just pay to get one product, you pay to get all products, and that is by far one of the biggest upsides to their offer. “Lot exponent” – so right here he’s talking about his risk being optimal. Clearly, he’s doing probably a little bit over what’s recommended because we always start people out with a very low-risk setting unless they advise that they want something a bit higher. “Lot sizes: all pairs are recommended times 2.25 except JPY and CHF, which are recommended times 1.75. Margin percent so far has dropped below 1,300%. Plenty of funds readily available to cover the low drawdown event. Daily average return: 16%.”

Again, as you can see, I’m not cherry-picking anything because he just spoke about his margin and how it dropped down below 1,300, which is basically the amount of capital that is in the account. He is saying that with the amount of leverage running on his accounts, you always want X amount of margin to be readily available so you don’t get any margin call. If you don’t know what a margin call is, it’s basically saying that you’re taking on too much risk, and the broker will force-close you, or you’ll just wipe out the account.

Let’s see what the comment said because I’m interested to see what someone has to say here: “Do you have a 15% stop loss?” Okay, well, no reply there. They’re just asking if it automatically will close him out on its own. Some people run with no stop loss because of the event of extreme volatility and possibly getting wicked out, which is not really that common at all. It’s more common in manual trading, to be honest, but with the software, you can adjust your stop loss to be tighter or wider or have no stop loss, so you could essentially just allow the trade to evolve as it should with no stop loss. Or let’s say that you have a 10% stop loss, and the drawdown goes to 11%. The trades will automatically force close, and it’ll protect the equity in the account.

Alright, guys, this is going to be my last one: “Gold Digger kicking butt” from James: “Our family started the bot on September 15, 2023. Started with $20,000 and added $10,000 more in January. We have doubled our money since starting, and we are very happy. I recently added our Red Ted running higher than recommended lot sizes – about 1.5 times recommended – and have had three to four large drawdowns, but until now, not even close to alarming. I’m assuming that the combination between lowercase and uppercase is throwing my reading ability off. I monitor it daily and watch my bots. Thank you, Nurp, for this golden opportunity.”

Let’s see some of the comments: “Nice work and congrats. Can’t wait to add Gold Digger and FED to my arsenal.” Here they are commenting on the typo that confused me as well: “Go ahead and edit your text to change 2024 to 2023 for prosperity.”

Okay, so there you have it. That is a peek into our community to see how everyone is doing, licensing these software from us. As you can see, the community is strong, and people are taking advantage of using all of our software. If you’re interested in being the next NURPer, where you get to actually license one of these software or all of these software, hit the link down below, and we’ll see if the community is good for you. But if not, and you just enjoyed this video, please leave me a like, comment, and/or subscribe.

And like always, my friend, peace.Please visit Looking at the Trading Algorithm’s Performance Inside the Community to watch the full video on YouTube!

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