I Tracked 176 Days of Algorithmic Trading On This Account | Here Are The Results!

It’s been roughly 176 days since I started my journey utilizing algorithmic trading to get an edge in today’s economy trading currencies. I want to go over the results during this time period, so without further ado, let’s get straight to it.

Welcome! If you’re new to the channel, my name is Matt Jimenez. I’m an entrepreneur who has worked with the greatest minds in finance over the last several years, and I’m here to share with you everything that they shared with me. Today, I have data to discuss, covering the period since I started my $50,000 account using the FED bot software from the Nurp community. Now, let’s check out the data.

Okay, so here we are with my FED account. From when I started to the current date, June 9th, 2024, I am using Fusion Markets with leverage of 500:1. So far, the account is up $3,128. My daily change is 12%, my monthly average is 3.57%, and my biggest drawdown was 8.40%. In fact, this drawdown happened recently while I was in France. One thing I want to discuss about drawdowns is that they are unrealized in this software. Trades are not closed while you’re in a drawdown. If a trade were closed during a drawdown, it would result in a realized loss. In this instance, the trades went negative but were never closed.

Typically, with this software, whenever it enters a drawdown, it sizes into that position until it starts moving in its favor, and then it closes out the negative trades, ultimately resulting in a larger profit. Here, I want to show you what that looked like for me. Over here is when I experienced that larger drawdown. The yellow line represents the drawdown, and the orange line represents the actual amount in the account (equity). While it showed a pullback, the equity never experienced a loss. In fact, in correlation with the recovery of the drawdown (yellow line), you see a spike in the orange line, which is the actual cash in the account. The cash never took a loss; it actually realized a gain. That is the power of this software, showing proof of an unrealized drawdown not being realized, with only profits being realized.

The account balance is currently sitting at $65,562.34. Total profit so far is $5,673. I don’t trade on weekends, so there were only a few days of trading in October. Technically, I like to say that this account officially started in November. As you can see, the initial deposit was $50,000. Now, let’s scroll down and look at some more stats.

This month alone has shown a 3.51% gain, and it’s only the 9th of June. As you can see, we have a lot more of the month left, and this software has many more trades to execute. This might be on track to be one of the best performing months since I started using this software. The profit this month so far is $2,224. So far this year, we’ve achieved a 20% gain, totaling a profit of $1,274.

Let’s scroll down further. The software has taken 3,692 trades. The profitability rate is 82%, meaning it has won 3,011 of those trades and lost only 681 trades, which is 18% of the total trades taken. One of the main metrics I look at when assessing software performance is the profit factor. If you’re not familiar with the profit factor, I made a video explaining it in detail (click here for that video). Essentially, it indicates that I am willing to risk one unit to gain 2.7 units. This means I’m willing to gain two times what I am willing to lose.

Now, let’s scroll down to see all the trades currently open on the software. I will also pull up the software after reviewing this data to show you what it looks like on my end.

For the month of June so far, we’ve achieved a 3.51% gain. Last month, in May, we did 3.48%. Over the entire month of May, we gained 3.5%. Now, two weeks into June, we’ve already surpassed that by an additional 0.1%. The reason for this is that in May, we experienced a trade pulling us into a deeper drawdown. My biggest drawdown so far, at 8.4%, occurred at the end of May. The trade wasn’t closed out until the beginning of June, which is why we saw such a dramatic rise in June. As I mentioned earlier, the deeper the drawdown, the more likely the profit.

So that’s what’s happened, and that is what has blessed us in June with a month that has already beaten the previous month in only 9 days. Remember, guys, the software does not trade on weekends, so this is basically Monday to Friday, excluding Saturday and Sunday.

Over here are all the open active trades. As you can see, everything is at a halt because today is Sunday and the markets are not open. To the far left is my account balance, which is $65,566. The equity, again, is what reflects in the data. If we’re having a drawdown, you will see a discrepancy between the equity and the account balance. As you can see here, it is showing the equity at $65,700, while the account balance is $65,641. This discrepancy occurs because there are currently active trades that have the equity lower, but the trades are not closed, which means it never reflected in the balance of the account.

This is the greatest example of an unrealized drawdown. As these recover, the equity position will start to change to the upside because the software will only close out the trades that are hitting take profits, while letting the other ones run until they are in profits. So, the balance is never affected, equity is changing, and that will result in the equity only going up once we close out these trades in profits, even though they look like they’re in the negative.

Over here, again, are all the trades. Let me just swing this bar up so you can see how many trades this thing actually takes on and manages. Again, all this management is done by the software. I’m doing nothing. In fact, I’m doing so much of nothing that I feel like I have to make videos going over the software because it makes me feel like I’m doing something, but I’m really not doing anything. All the trades are taken by the software and all the trades are closed by the software. I just make videos so that way I feel important.

So there you have it, guys. That has been the result so far after 176 days of using this algorithmic trading software. As you can see, we’ve done over 3% in May, but June just started, and we’ve already done over 3%. I don’t know another asset that you could potentially utilize to your benefit that will put you in a position where you could potentially gain 3% or even greater than that every single month. Average investment funds, banking funds, investment firms, and hedge funds, with all their complex ways to invest and utilizing people to do it for you, shoot for 2% to 6% a year. When you go to Chase and get a savings account, putting your money in CDs, you’re getting 5% APY. This software is doing that basically every single month.

While some people will have their money in CDs and think they are doing the right thing, one, the bank’s only insured for $250,000, and two, out of 12 months of the entire year, you’re only getting 5%. That, my friend, is actually losing you money because you’re not even making enough to outpace inflation.

With that being said, if you’re interested in how you can potentially license this software and potentially change how you see financing forever, hit the description and click the link there. You’ll be routed to see what this is all about. If you don’t see it in the description, I’m going to pin a comment. If you hit that link in the pinned comment, again, you’ll be routed to see if this is something that you can benefit from. If not, please leave me a like, comment, and/or subscribe. 

As always, my friends, peace!Please visit I Tracked 176 Days of Algorithmic Trading On This Account | Here Are The Results! to watch the full video on YouTube!

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