How to Identify a Successful Trading Algo | Red Flags Part 2

Your awareness around a new investment opportunity is the key in making the right decision, but fortunately, there have been hundreds of people that have tried basically everything. All we need to do is talk and/or watch a video of these people and learn from them rather than us taking the energetic loss, whether that’s capital, time invested, or many other things that you want to translate energy into.

I said it in the last video, and I’ll say it in this one: A wise man learns from the mistake of others rather than making the mistake and learning for himself. Like I’ve said, I’ve lost tens of thousands of dollars when scouting out new investment opportunities, and I am here so you don’t ever have to do that because it absolutely sucks.

Without further ado, let’s jump right to it. Welcome if you’re new to the channel. My name is Matt Jimenez. I am an entrepreneur that has worked with the greatest minds in finance over the last several years, and I’m here to pour into you guys everything that they poured into me.

In this video, I want to do a big bit of a deeper dive than the last video I just did. And if you haven’t seen it, the link is up above. Go ahead and watch that because it’s going to give you tons of insight when you’re going to make an investment in software or quantum trading or algo trading (trading algorithm). The fancy words go on; there are so many words that people love to put in front of the word trading to make it sexy. But at the end of the day, what it is, is just software that executes trades for you (trading algorithm). And it is becoming an extremely hot topic because there are some winners amongst the many losers. And those winners are such powerful portfolio additives that could propel you much further into the future of finance.

So in the last video, I went over three things to look out for when looking to acquire software to help you get an edge in the markets and essentially trade for you. Trading algorithm. And in this video, I want to tackle three other things that are massive, things to look out for that I just didn’t have enough time to cover in the last video because this is such a dense topic. There are so many things that I could talk about and so many caveats to the situation, but I just want to go over the top six. So like I said, if you haven’t seen the last video, it’s up above. I went over three, and in this video, I’m going to go over the next three that are must-watch out for when looking to make an investment, especially if it’s going to be one that could potentially change your future.

The first thing that I want to dive into in this video is the team. When looking to acquire software that you could implement into your trading strategy or your everyday investments, it is critical that you are aware of who you’re buying it from. For the sake of the privacy of whoever I got burned with on the last investment I made, I am going to keep the names out of it.

The main thing that I want to highlight here is the last software that I tried to invest in that I got smoked on was simply no team. All the team revolved around people who are trying to get you to sign up under them so they can get a commission off of your deposit and also get percentages off of your performance, which is illegal when it comes to support or SE Suite positions or any employment to that matter. There is absolutely none. There’s just the founder, who is very hard to even know anything about. That’s another red flag. You want to make sure that the CEO is completely visible, vocal, and public. He has nothing to hide. Hiding is a red flag. That’s a sign where there’s smoke; there’s fire. So you need a CEO that is completely visible, vocal, and communicative with his community. This is what I mean by the team.

For instance, over at Nurp when I signed up to start…

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