How I Replaced My Income With Algorithmic Trading

Matt: Welcome back to the channel, guys! I have an amazing guest here who’s been part of our community for how long now?

Josie: Since October of last year.

Matt: Okay, so she’s been part of the community since October. And I reached out to her specifically because when I did an interview on a boat with one of the top sales guys from Nurp, they mentioned you. And they said that you did a YouTube video which no one asked you to do. So, we are beyond grateful that you even did that and felt compelled to do so. And when he showed me, I said, “Oh my God, I have to talk to her.” So, I reached out and now she’s on the show and we get to talk to her one-on-one to get to hear her full story on our channel. So, if you haven’t seen the video, I’ll attach it to the descriptions down below and you guys could watch it there. But without further ado, welcome to the channel, Josie.

Josie: Thank you, I’m excited to be here.

Matt: So, tell me, you’ve been part of Nurp since October 2023 or 2022?

Josie: 2023.

Matt: And how did you find out about us?

Josie: I just saw a YouTube ad and clicked on it, and it piqued my interest. Initially, when I saw that the price was pretty high, I was like, “Forget about it. I don’t really want to spend that much money on software.” But after the first call with our rep, Omar, I was pretty convinced. I just thought it seemed too good to be true, so it took me a while to do some research. But everything I found was great.

Matt: Wow, that’s amazing. Now, when you first hit the ad, do you remember who was on the ad by any chance? Do you remember the ad creative at all?

Josie: I remember which one it was, but I thought, “Well, that sounds interesting. I want to check it out more.”

Matt: Yeah, I asked that because a lot of people that come in, they’re always very skeptical and they’re always on the defense thinking that it’s some type of scam. You guys are just posting ads trying to get people to scam. And that’s why I asked because I’m very curious as to which one is actually grabbing the people’s attention to come and follow through with making a commitment like this. What was your biggest objection? Your biggest objection was price. Now, what made you ditch the objection and commit?

Josie: So, I thought about the amount of money that we were going to be trading, was significant. So, I thought if I’m going to buy some software that we’re going to be trading hundreds of thousands of dollars with, I don’t want to try to save a couple of thousand dollars and get something cheaper that might not work anywhere near as good. So, I thought if I’m going to be trading that amount of money, it should be the best software out there. And I definitely felt like this was the best I could find from anything. Yeah, definitely.

Matt: Were you skeptical coming in?

Josie: I was, and that’s the reason why I posted the YouTube video. And I also wrote my review on Trustpilot, and I put my phone number on there because before I had bought the software, I wished that I could talk to somebody who was using it that wasn’t affiliated with Nurp, who could just tell me their genuine experience, not related to selling the company. So, I thought it’s the best thing out there that I found for investing. So, if I can help some other people to find something this great, then I feel good about it because it’s been life-changing for me, and I like to be able to help some other people too.

Matt: Speaking of life-changing, I’m curious as to what has your performance been since October?

Josie: Well, we started with around $250,000 in October, and then we keep adding more money. And so, altogether, we’ve made over $500,000 in profit. But total balance on there is about $1.7 million right now between we have seven different bots running.

Matt: Wow.

Josie: We have one FED, one Gold Digger and then two Yellen Gold Digger Combos, and then one just FED.

Matt: Wow, so you’re taking full advantage of using all the algorithms. And I’m assuming, do you critique them by any means? Like, do you adjust settings to maximize any outcomes or yeah, yeah, we do.

Josie: So, my husband does most of that. He’s really involved with it. He loves it. So, we’re running it a little bit higher. I think our FED is at two times the recommended settings, but we’ve taken off some of the riskier pairs, the more volatile pairs. And then, we have the Yellen at about one and a half times recommended, I think, and it really does well with the Gold Digger on there. I would say it almost doubles our profits the month.

Matt: Oh, wow. That might be something other people need to discover as well. And you might have just dropped a little gem for people to find out for themselves. But, everything we say here is not financial advice. This is just what we are doing. We’re not recommending anything. But, yeah, I’m also curious as to since October, how has it been every single month, month over month? Have you seen a gain, or have you had any stagnation or loss?

Josie: No, it’s definitely been highly profitable every month. So, some months are better than others. We made a lot more in December than we did in February. But I think we still made like 7 or 8 percent in February.

Matt: Wow, it was still pretty good. And this month, we’ve already made more than that. So, it’s going to be a great month. So, as of filming this right now, for everyone to know, it is March 13th, and you just…
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