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What Does “Dollar Cost Average” Mean?

“Dollar cost averaging” involves investing a fixed amount of money at regular intervals, regardless of market conditions. This strategy reduces the impact of market volatility over time.


If you bought the top back in 2021, I’m sure you’re feeling a bit down because we did come down about 78%. But you should not be getting down on yourself. In fact, right now and over the next year is the greatest opportunity that you will ever see in crypto. In fact, this period of time is when the millionaires and billionaires will be made into the next cycle. And how do I know this? Because I’ve been through multiple cycles about Bitcoin back in 2013.

I didn’t hold it all the way through, unfortunately. I sold it in 2014, 2015, and then got back in heavily in 2017. I have been full time as a professional in this industry since 2019. Now, what has happened? Well, let’s see what other opportunities have occurred in the past cycles. Well, we had Polygon come out in 2017. Actually, if we look at the price chart, it was absolutely nothing. And then what happened in 2021? It erupted and went up massively. In fact, let’s go ahead and look at that price chart. It went up seventy-nine thousand percent after being listed on Binance, the largest exchange.

So even, you know, all the exchanges that it was on beforehand, it was probably even a lower price before it gets listed on these massive exchanges like that. Okay, let’s look at another one, right? We’ve got Solana. When did Solana come out? It came out in 2020. Well, what did it do after it got listed on the largest exchange? It went up 57,000 percent. And I’m not even grabbing it from the very bottom here. I’m just saying, hey, maybe you didn’t get in exactly. Maybe you got in a few months after it got listed, and you got in here somewhere, right? I’m not grabbing from the absolute bottom to the absolute top, but I am grabbing somewhere, you know, after it got listed on the largest exchange. And it went up 57,000. And you’ll see this time and time again, even if you look at a project like Avalanche, again, it came out in 2020.

So you see, if you can pick out the specific things that you need to be looking for in certain technology, in the team, in the coin metrics, and understanding what sector within crypto it fits into, and you pick the ones that are in great spots to potentially have a nice return, you can do extremely well. And what this really is, is this is pretty much a way for everyday investors to literally become their own VC-type investor. Okay? This doesn’t happen in other industries, right? You have the opportunity to get in on projects super, super early that typically does not happen when you go invest into private companies as a real venture capitalist, or you get into private equity. You don’t have the opportunity to invest in crypto. This is kind of a once-in-a-lifetime thing. This is the first time where this kind of retail can front-run institutions.

And there are certain things that we look for. In fact, we’ve actually already called a 50x over the last year. I think we bought it back in July or something. Maybe it was June, July, August, somewhere in there. And if you don’t believe me, let’s go ahead and look. This is when one of our private communities, you can see, less than 38 of 43, right here. This is one of the projects called Caspa that we bought at 0.000743. It was a six million dollar market cap, guys. This already went up over a 750 million dollar market cap. There is inflation in the overall coin, so I can’t say that this is definitely over 100x return, but it’s definitely over a 50x return in less than one year during a massive bear market in crypto, which is obviously exceptional. So, if you don’t think that people are getting returns during this time, your entire portfolio might not be up, but there are a few projects that are starting to take off.

And also, what you’ve got to realize is you’ve got to practice patience. I mean, my overall portfolio isn’t up from where it was in 2021, but I understand that I need to be placing the seeds in these projects here because this is the period of time. And it doesn’t, you know, when you’re in this zone, it doesn’t always look like that, right? It looks quite a lot. There’s a lot of chop in here, and it can be quite confusing. But if you’re placing the seeds to grow the trees into the bull market, those are the people that do extremely, extremely well, okay? They are placing strategic seeds and investments during this period of time when you’ve got typical sideways action.

If we go dollar-cost average in, look back in history, right? We have a big sell-off. We’ve got the bottom here, and then we’ve got a kind of a ranging market over the next year and a half. This is the time to be placing capital strategically. That is how you can have the 20, 50, 100x type returns that you see everyone in this industry talking about. But again, this period of time is not ultra-fun. It can be quite confusing. The psychology that goes on during this time period is very, very tough. And it’s not super easy. But once you get into the massive bull markets because of the increased monetary supply, because they drop rates because we just came out of a recession, all this stuff is happening and or about to happen. This is when you harvest the seeds that you just planted over the last couple of years. And that is why you see the people that do this and play this game the right way, they have patience. They understand the vision that it takes to have a really great performing portfolio. And yes, you can have a few projects that outperform in the bear market. But overall, I mean, your portfolio is going to do extremely well once we head into the next bull market, which is projected if the same cycles play out again into 2024, 2025.

So, this year is extremely important. I can tell you that. I think of every dollar right now as five to ten dollars because I know where I can put that. And if you have any thoughts on how do I figure out what to look for, I don’t want to do this myself, I want someone else to manage, we typically have a few different types of solutions depending on if you’re accredited or if you’re just, you know, a retail investor that wants to learn more. We have a lot of resources that we provide because this is all I pretty much do for a living. So, if you want some information, there’s probably some links down in the description of this video. But let me know what you’re buying. I’m really, really curious. What do you think is going to be the next Caspa? I do think Casper’s very likely to get into the top ten. I haven’t sold all my positions. I have taken profit, for sure. I’ve pulled my principal out, and I’ve taken some profit. But I do think this is going to end up in the top 10. And I do think there are quite a few others that have the opportunity to outperform other older cryptocurrencies because of their newer tech, team, and the directions they are taking in the overall industry. So let me know what other projects you think are going to be the next Solana or the next Matic. I’m really, really curious as to what you are eyeing right now.

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