Client Fell In-Love with Trading Software Turned into Employee

Matt: Welcome back to the channel, guys! I’ve got another exciting interview for you today. His name is Brian Seepersaud, and he’s part of the Nurp team. You just got promoted, right?

Brian: I did, from a Setter to a closer.

Matt: How long have you been with Nurp?

Brian: I’ve been with Nurp coming up on 2 years, specifically April 18th.

Matt: Oh, wow. How did you find out about it?

Matt: So, first, I started following Jeff around 2019, just on one Instagram, a lot of our clients did. And I just really liked what he was doing. I was following for a little bit, 2 years later became a client. And then, six months after that, after an event in Miami, on a yacht actually, for a part of a mastermind that I was a part of as a client, I just interviewed for the job and moved from New York to Miami to work for Jeff.

Matt: I don’t think people understand the weight of that sentence. So you were originally a client, loved, I guess, everything about it, a client, and then transitioned to working as an employee. Are you still part of a client, how does that work, run the software? What’s going on?

Brian: Yeah, so I started out as a client, and we actually had the first event for that mastermind. I flew out to Miami to be a part of a yacht in front of high net worth people, people that I wanted to just be around to essentially just grow personally. And then, yeah, started applying for the job in terms of Nurp. And then, six months later, moved from New York to Miami to work for it. In terms of the software, yeah, I’m running the algorithms myself. And it is one of the best investments I made in my life.

Matt: Alright, so then I’d like to just talk about performance. I know maybe we had a different idea of what we were going to talk about, but since you are a client, I want to just talk to you actually, as if you are a client.

Brian: Absolutely.

Matt: So you guys got it, Brian was a Setter, pretty quickly moved up to a sales position, and you love the company because I mean…

Brian: Exactly, look where we are. Just finished jet skiing, yeah, top sales performers. So that’s amazing, pretty cool.

Matt: So let’s talk product. How long have you been using the product?

Brian: So we usually tell people the algorithm needs at least 10K to start. So I threw 10K in it to start. I got familiar with the software.

Matt: Wait, so will it not start if you have less?

Brian: No, you can start with less. Bare minimum  five. We usually tell people, but it’s just a little bit riskier. The strategy needs about 10 to work optimally. So I started with 10, and ran for about a month on conservative settings. So we help in terms of our clients, we help them, we hand-hold them through the process and show them exactly what they need to do in terms of the actual settings you need to put based on the amount of capital that you’re putting into the algorithm. So I started conservatively, just because, you know, I wanted to test the waters, just most of our clients. So you guys know, most of our clients are complete beginners, so we hand-hold them through that process and pretty much say, “Hey, if you’re doing this, do this right now.” Not financial advice, of course.

Matt: Yeah, this is never financial advice.

Brian: Yeah, you guys can run your money however you’d like. You can run your settings however you like, which is the cool thing. You have complete control over everything. But that’s why I wanted to go conservative. I wanted to test it out. I mean, I’m a young guy, but you know, I just want to feel the investment actually out. So I started with 10K. After a month, I got familiar with it, got close with it in terms of knowing how it actually worked. Put 5K in a couple of months later, a couple of weeks later actually, put another five.

Matt: So you actually started at five?

Brian: No, I started with 10. You started with 10, yeah. Started with 10, put five in, like the performance after a month, put another five in. And then, as I got more liquidity, started pulling from other investments. I was like, “Well, this is pretty cool. I pretty much wake up, look at the app for a minute, and go about the rest of my day. Before I go to sleep, look at it again, go about the rest of my…” Still trading. Always trading. But even while this is happening, we’re still trading. We’re still trading. Always. But yeah, I ran conservative settings. The cool thing about it is that if you’re a risky person, you can go aggressive with the settings. But if you don’t want to take as much risk, you can dial it back. And then, you know, get a little bit less results. But in terms of what I got on conservative settings, and again, you know, past results, of course, never indicate future results. But I was averaging about 4.68% per month on conservative settings. So on about a 30k account, I was actually running it as if I had 10 and 20k in it. Nice. So yeah, similar to the account that I have, correct, on your YouTube channel.

Matt: So yeah, so my account, there’s 50k in there, and so far I’m up 15%. Okay, so there’s 50k, I’m up about 15%, so a little over 7 grand a month in exactly 3 months. And I actually just got back from a workstation, yeah. And during that workstation, I was still trading, but I didn’t even trade once. And we took a total of 24, 23 trades, yeah. And I made an extra 1% for while I was on vacation, pretty insane, absolutely insane.

Brian: If you guys didn’t know, and you probably do know from following our YouTube channel, but all the algorithm does is it’s entering, managing, and exiting the trades completely on its own. What you guys would be doing is literally just setting your risk. So do I want to go conservative, do I want to stick to the default settings, or do I want to go a little bit more aggressive? Now, most of our clients, again, are complete beginners, with no trading experience. So they start conservative or default, and then once they get familiar with the platform and the software, they dial it up a little bit if they’d like, right? So it’s you’re in complete control.

Matt: Another question I’d like to ask you. I asked earlier. What is the biggest objection, I know you just got to the sales position, but you still talk to a lot of people, setting them up to talk to more people over tea? What is one of the biggest things that people, like, maybe are nervous about or shy away from?

Brian: Yeah, so a big thing in history in general is just trust, right? It’s like, you know, “Hey, this is too good to be true.” That’s what he said, yeah. Exactly, because it is, right? I mean, you see it all over, you find this on the internet, we get it. But you know, Jeff has a great background, we’ve been around for about 5 years. So that’s the biggest objection, kind of, you know, feel it out, I have to figure it out, I have to figure out how to do it for myself, I gotta see the results in my own account. And that’s why we always say, just let us prove it to you, let us show you how the algorithm works, you can test it on a demo account, you can test it on, you know, a couple $10,000 accounts if you want, and then you can scale up as needed, yeah.

Matt: Okay, if you have one that comes to mind, what is your biggest client win or success story that when you hear about it, yeah, you automatically think, “This person.”

Brian: Yeah, so we had a client that we signed up probably a couple months ago, and you guys might have seen her in the trust. Her name is Josie. But she started with us on, she was pretty skeptical, as most people are to begin, just because of the trust, the internet sales. But she started with us on the light version of our program.

Matt: What does that mean?

Brian: So we have two versions of our program, we have a pro and a light. Light version a lower bar to entry to people that might not have enough capital or just want to test the waters, right? The performance is not different, you just have access to one algorithm as opposed to all of them. But she started with the light, after one week she upgraded, right, to the pro. And I don’t want to disclose how much she dumped into it, but put a decent amount of capital into it after she saw the results in that first week. And then she pretty much posted on our trust, as you can check it out, that Nurp has changed her life. And, Nurp again, you know, past results don’t guarantee future results, but Nurp has changed her life. And she put her actual phone number out there for people to contact her, because she wants, and of course we didn’t ask her to do that, she did that on her own. And she actually created a YouTube video saying how her experience was. That’s crazy, yeah, on her own.

Matt: You know what, I would actually like you to send me the link to that video, and I’m going to hyperlink it to this video so you can actually watch it. So I’m going to, like, just point to it, pop up right here, so you can watch it there. That’s amazing, great, yeah, that is a big one, wow. Would you recommend this to, like, your own family members?

Brian: Oh, absolutely, I’ve read it, my brother’s running it, nice, for sure, nice.

Matt: Last question, what has been your favorite part of working with Nurp?

Brian: Okay, so that’s a loaded question, but there’s a lot. First and foremost, just the culture, just, just the culture that Jeff has started, and you know,   working from home, the life balance in terms of being able to work from home, kind of not necessarily creating your own schedule, ’cause now, now I’m closer, so I got a calendar, I got to, you know, I got to take some calls and educate some people about what we do. But in terms of the work-life balance, being able to go anywhere and,   and work from where you are is amazing. The culture, this company is super growth-oriented, so we not only, you know, promote growth within our company, but promote growth within the employees. So it’s like, and something that’s really cool that we have is it’s called a PPF, personal, professional, and financial goals, and our company holds us accountable to those things. So not only growing, you know, professionally, but hey, personally, helping you grow personally, helping you grow financially, and hitting your financial goals. So that’s a major, you know, keep factor into the company and what we do.

Matt: Alright, guys, like always, peace.

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