Behind NURP’s Success: Unveiling the Future of Trading & How Our Clients Thrive

Matt: Alright, guys, so I got a very special video for you today. In fact, we are with one of the top performers for Nurp. His name is Nico Gricco. Welcome to the channel, brother.

Nico: Thanks, man. I appreciate it.

Matt: Yeah, so I just want to ask you a couple of questions today, primarily around your involvement with Nurp, like how you like it, and also I want to know a little bit more on the client side of things because you deal with a lot of people coming in, right?

Nico: Yeah, so I’ve been pretty much closing for Nurp for about a year now. I have almost, at least, 600 clients. And wow, coming in, it was, it’s a lot. I mean, you know, we’re a bootstrapped startup in the software industry, and especially in a specific niched industry with algorithmic trading, especially for the retail investor. And with that comes a lot of time, a lot of effort. But with the company itself, I mean, we’re all kind of wearing many hats, and we kind of work together as a team, pretty much a family at this point. And it all gels together.

Matt: So you’ve been with Nurp a year, you said?

Nico: Yeah, pretty much. Yeah, it’s almost coming up on a year in March.

Matt: Wow, short time, and you accelerated so dramatically fast.

Nico: Yeah, I mean, I’ve been in software sales for a while, primarily in startups, but this is definitely a unique situation because I mean, I’ve never met somebody like Jeff Sekinger. The guy is the real deal. He’s in the lab, like, he’s grinding with us. So it’s a lot of fun to kind of see, like, your CEO leading from the front, and it motivates you to kind of, you know, want to jump on that.

Matt: Wow, that was very powerful, the CEO leading from the front. That’s great. That’s amazing. So how’d you actually then, how’d you find out about Nurp? Like, how was it, Jeff, or no?

Nico: So ironically, I was one of the people where I didn’t really know who Jeff was, ironically. I know he’s got a huge following, but I primarily was just in an industry where things were getting slow, and I went through an application where I was looking up different companies in different industries. And I got a call after submitting an application from one of the guys that’s head of HR, where at the time it was 0%, and he was explaining to me what the future and the roadmap looked like. And especially with an industry where it’s kind of new and evolving, you know, I heard from your interview with Jeff where it kind of, when talking about automation, it really hasn’t really broken through yet on the trading side. So looking for a place to grow where the company’s growing quicker than myself, and it’s been an amazing opportunity.

Matt: You said 600 clients so far. What has been one of the largest objections that you could say, “All right, this is kind of a theme here”? Like, what would you, too good to be true? Nobody can wrap their mind around it. And we use a third party to verify all our data. It’s not us showcasing it. You can track our bots live, so it’s unbelievable to kind of get that person in the door who just can’t believe it, but they’re willing to try it. And you get that phone call, that text, or that email 30, 40, 60 days later, like, “Oh my God, this is the real deal.” It’s, it’s, it’s, that’s probably the best feeling, is when. And then next thing you know is that their brother wants to join, their sister, their mom, their dad. It’s, it’s, it’s a lot of fun.

Nico: Yeah, so a good product will sell itself once you get the person to get it because now they’re just like boasting to everyone about this, this uh, software that they’re using, right? It makes sense that it’s, it’s, you know, people think that it’s too good to be true because of the type of returns that we’re doing, but if you kind of do a deeper dive into like the company and the staff and the team developers, the quants optimization, whether it’s sales development, it’s, it’s a pretty unique team. And then we, like I said, I look at it as a family because we’re kind of all doing multiple roles, and it’s pretty cool to see how big we’ve evolved. And we’ve only been really accepting clients for about a year.

Matt: What would you say is your favorite thing working with the company?

Nico: The culture, I mean, the people. It’s such a fun environment. Everybody kind of has that, you know, that, that get stuff done mentality where like, you know, the, the job is never finished, never be complacent. But the culture, the environment, the motivation, everybody’s just kind of there to pick each other up and then just really kind of keep that, uh, that camaraderie going.

Matt: That’s great. And if I had to leave this with one last question, and you could take a moment to think about this, if you could think of one massive client win, signing off here, and you would like the audience to hear about this, what would be one that comes to mind? I know you probably have a thousand, but like…

Nico:  Yeah, 600 clients or roughly 600. Trying to think of like the one that really stands out the most because, you know, I’m talking about demographics from, you know, 20-year-olds right out of college to people that are retired. And I think the one that probably stands out the most to me is one of these gentlemen actually based not too far from where we’re based out in Florida, and he has, you know, a network of restaurants. And he was kind of more or less like, “Yeah, you know what? I’ll give it a try.” And next thing you know, this guy has sent me so much business just through his network of restaurants. And it’s kind of really good to feel that not only do you trust the brand but you’re willing to share the brand and someone like that doesn’t have to. So it’s just like, you know, the biggest client win for me was definitely just that gentleman. I don’t know if I’m able to name him. I know he’s kind of a bigger figure. He’s also someone that, um, he really kind of put me in front of a lot of other people that were, you know, successful on his level and a lot of people that, um, that know that’s following Jeff. And it’s so hard to narrow down one but it’s pretty much kind of I would say he would be the number one for me for sure just cuz it’s just being able to get in front of more people. That’s all we’re trying to do, grow the brand, showcase Nurp. We’re not here to high pressure it. It’s more or less like this is who we are so we are different and you know kind of give you the information let you do your due diligence see if it’s the right fit for your portfolio.

Matt: Well, you did say that was the last question but I thought of one more that I got to ask you. I was going to ask, the product is so good you sell it to everyone but do you use it?

Nico: Yeah, absolutely. I use it. My dad just retired in November. He’s getting involved with it. My brother’s getting involved with it. So yeah, I mean, especially you have the opportunity where, you know, obviously I’m an employee at Nurp but it’s kind of another way to help diversify my portfolio. I was never really big with investing like most of my investments are more long term, 401(k), and uh, being able to kind of be on the forefront of something not only that I’m presenting and demoing but I’m myself kind of builds that credibility as well.

Matt: That speaks volumes because if you’re willing to recommend it to your dad, your family, yeah, I mean, you wouldn’t ever give them something that you don’t fully…

Nico: No, absolutely not. Yeah, it’s uh, it’s fun. It’s a lot of fun because ever since I got involved with Nurp, I’ve been obsessed with investing. I’m always picking Jeff’s brain even, I know how busy he is but hey, what do you think of this? What do you think of that? And it’s just a lot of fun to kind of accidentally step into something where now my whole perspective in life has changed around kind of having your money work for you.

Matt & Nico together: And another classic, still trading, right? Yeah, trading during this interview. We’re still trading. Still trading. Yeah, it’s amazing.

Matt: That is awesome. Well, thank you, brother. I appreciate you coming.

Nico: Yes, sir.

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