Algorithmic Trader Shares his Shocking Results!

Matt: Welcome, thank you John for joining the call with me today. I’m sure a lot of the audience will enjoy seeing another person that has found some success using the software.

John: Yes, absolutely. Hello Matt, thanks for having me on. It’s great to be here.

Matt: That’s a beautiful thing to even be able to connect over a community and be able to do this. I don’t know any other companies doing that, so I just find a lot of admiration in that.

John: Yeah, absolutely. And the community continues to grow. I’ve actually been on for about a year now, and I have a handful of guys reaching out to me, wanting to go through some things, some issues, just to get feedback. I love doing that because it’s been a fast year, and I remember how that was kind of beginning Forex trading and feeling a bit overwhelmed. So, I’m by no means an expert, but I do have some experience and I’ve done pretty well so far. I love the community and how it builds, and I love seeing new guys take that plunge because I know how it is when you join something new. There’s this trepidation like, “Oh God, am I doing the right thing? Am I wasting money again?” I’ve been there, so when you take a chance and it actually works out and you’re really glad you did it, that’s the best feeling. It’s the real reason why you take those risks anyway because you know no risk, no reward. But you’re missing out, you know? Definitely, yeah, Nurp has been super awesome, man, so glad.

Matt: That’s amazing. Since we’re on this topic of weighing out risk and maybe taking that leap, how did you find out about us?

John: Actually, when Nurp was previously 0 Percent, I had seen an Instagram ad with Jeff Sekinger. I just was really drawn to Jeff’s demeanor. He seemed very cool, believable, and also just intent on helping others. I feel like I have a pretty good radar for people who are salesmen and then some people who are just really genuine, and Jeff always came off as very genuine. So I joined the 0 Percent program and did a couple of other programs there and had success there and enjoyed it. Then Jeff approached me, and I believe Brandon approached me about this new automated trading Forex system using an algorithm. And of course, I was like, no, that’s no way, man. But being the 0 Percent and non-Nurp guides, I was like, but I’ll listen to you. I trust you guys. You know, that sounds crazy. I’ve never even heard of Forex trading, but I’ll hear you out. And you know, it just sounded pretty awesome. And I was like, wait, it works like this? Okay, yeah, you okay? That sounds kind of cool. I’m always looking for something new to try out. So yeah, that’s how that got started, but it all started with an Instagram ad, and I got to know the guys and then just became part of the program and then been part of their expansion.

Matt: Nice, so that’s an amazing story, and it’s funny that you mentioned Jeff because Jeff is actually the one that sent me your results. He’s like, “Yo, this guy is crushing it. Reach out to him.” And before I did, I looked at your stuff, I was like, “Oh yeah, he’s doing great. Let me send out an email and see if he’ll bite.” And you did, so again, thank you. But the second part of that question I wanted to ask, what was the biggest objection or skepticism that you had prior to making the decision? Because a lot of people feel the same as you, like, “Oh, I don’t know if I want to spend this money,” or “I feel like maybe I’m getting scammed.” A lot of people are super skeptical of scams, and what was yours? What was your hurdle?

John: I guess my two hurdles were, number one, not being familiar with foreign exchange trading whatsoever. I mean, I’ve been to some countries and exchanged currencies, and so that made sense. But I personally never realized that the Forex trading world was as big as it is. And so that was kind of the first thing. And then, obviously, the initiation fee to join in. I’m a rock star in my own mind, but I don’t have a rock star salary. So I got to pick and choose where to throw down that cash. And so that, to me, was probably the two biggest hurdles, not knowing about Forex trading and then, number two, the initiation fee plus the money it would take to put into my bot to get started. You know, that seemed like a lot, and I had to really think and make sure I was doing the right thing. But, you know, having already been with Jeff and Tyler and knowing Brandon and the guys, they had never let me down before. At a certain point, everyone, you have to have a leap of faith. You know, my position was a little different in that I had already done some business with them and already had great results. So I said, let’s try this. But yeah, those two factors were probably the biggest for me.

Matt: Nice. Well, I’m glad you ever came, and you’re reaping the fruits of the risk that you took. That’s great. One thing I also want to pivot this into, since we talked about eating the fruits of the risk that you took, can we ask about, I want to ask you about performance. So how long have you been utilizing the software?

John: Let me take you back to the end of 2022. I want to say around December, that’s when I signed up for the program. And I got the FED bot, there were setup instructions, and so of course, I signed up, and I got my money, and I got my broker, and I’ve got everything. And I was just very eager to get in there and get going. And I made a mistake of not double-checking my setup, and I set up very quickly. I won’t say it’s rocket science, but there’s a little bit of work to it as far as putting the nuts and bolts and getting your bot set up correctly. Jeff had painstakingly laid out all the steps, and there are quite a few steps. But what happened was I made a couple of mistakes. For instance, my M1 was set to M1 instead of M5, which someone like me was like, what’s the big deal? Well, apparently, it’s a big deal. And so when I began trading, you know, the lot sizes to me, were kind of like, well, if I could raise my lot size, I’d make more money. So why not raise the lot sizes a little bit? So I made two critical errors right away. I was a little too greedy. And so the first month, there was a big drawdown, and I had to pull the plug on it. It was all new to me, and I’m freaking out. But I started with $5,000, and then I lost about $3,800, and I thought, oh God, man, here we go. I knew, however, Brandon sat down with me. We did a zoom and shared my screen, and he painstakingly went through my trading, my FED bot. And that’s when he discovered, hey, this setting’s off, and look at your lot sizes, that’s…

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