Algo Trader Results After 8 Months of Trading

Matt: All right, guys. I have someone here that’s been a part of Nurp for how long now?

Nick: Oh gosh, since May of 2023. May of 2023, so shy of a year.

Matt: And your name is Nick, right?

Nick: That’s right, from the Philippines

Matt: From the Philippines, yes. Sweet. Okay, so how did you hear about Nurp?

Nick: So it actually came through my Instagram feed, I believe, yeah. And so I just clicked on the link and went through the process. Nice. And how smooth was that process? Did you enjoy speaking with the team or…? Yeah, you know, it was pretty smooth. I have to say thanks to Zach, I think it was his name. Really good experience. He’s kind of a salesman of my speed, you know, very calm, kind of low-key approach. No pressure, no aggressive sales pitch at all. Just present the data. This is what it is, you know, what do you think? And no aggressiveness after that. So really, really pleasant.

Matt: That’s good. That was one of my favorite things with Nurp, is that they actually have a team that’s trained to actually court the whole process and make it as frictionless as possible. You know, that’s a big sign of a company’s integrity. So that’s one thing that highlights it for me. Um, that’s amazing. I’ll let Zach, or I’m pretty sure he’ll watch this and he’ll reach out saying thank you. All right, so from seeing Instagram and going through the process, what objections did you have prior to actually making the commitment?

Nick: I guess the hurdle for me was cost, right? There was a cost to the program, that’s obvious. And then the other hurdle for me was not having any experience in this algorithmic trading technology. I’ve been an options trader for three-plus years with mixed success. So this is very new to me. And I think it was just timely how I got into it because it was an options day where I lost a lot of money.

Matt: Oh wow, right.

Nick: And I realized that, hey, this is because I don’t really think I’m a trader, right? I just couldn’t make the right moves at the right time. And it’s been like that for three years. So that kind of pushed me to really dive in and investigate what this technology is all about, what this tool is all about.

Matt: Wow. So, so you did have trading experience, then?

Nick: I did, yeah, but no, no experience in the markets that we dive into with the algos, the Forex.

Matt: Now, is trading what you did previously for work or what line of business are you in?

Nick: No, no. I’m in the scientific IT business.

Matt: Oh, very interesting.

Nick: Yeah, trained as a chemist, and then I do consulting work for the IT part of the business for industries like Pharma or medical devices.

Matt: Nice. Very interesting. So since you’ve been with the company and utilizing the trading algorithm software since May of 2023, can I ask you what roughly is your monthly changes on the account?

Nick: Yes. So the returns vary month to month, right? Because it is based on the market, so it fluctuates. But on average, and I have quite a bit of stats on this, it’s about 88.7% a month since May of 2023.

Matt: Wow. And did you critique any of the recommendations in terms of the risk that they advise you to use, or did you facilitate your own method to your madness?

Nick: No, no. I stick with the recommended settings. You know, if I actually don’t know all the terminology or, you know, how the Forex market works, even to this day, right? Which is okay. I think it’s all for a newbie. It’s really all mechanical, right? Because they give me settings, I configure the settings on the bot, and I pretty much run with it. For a while there, I was doing conservative settings just to get a feel of it. So around 80-75% of the settings. But then as I got a feel for it and got my risk mitigation plans in order, I just went with the recommended settings and let it fly.

Matt: Nice. Interesting. So do you feel comfortable saying what you initially start the account with?

Nick: Yeah. So I started with $25,000 initially.

Matt: Nice. And where’s it today?

Nick: So I injected quite a bit more. So now with the initial investment and the growth, it’s at $200,000 at this point.

Matt: Wow. Impressive. That’s amazing. So, aside from injecting, do you think that where you are today, you would have made back your initial investment?

Nick: Oh, yeah. I made back my initial investment. If I can recall, I think it was two months, a little shy of two months.

Matt: Nice. Wow, that is really impressive. I have mine on a super low setting, so I’m not really experiencing that quite of a drastic monthly change. But I know with the team, they did a survey, and they grabbed all the data aggregated from, you know, highest earners to lowest. And the average came out, it started out at 10%, and as more and more people are using it and the longer it’s being used, the average has actually moved up to 13.4%.

Nick: Wow. It’s very impressive. Yeah, yeah. So that’s great. I’m more of a conservative trader, right? So I stick with the recommendations, maybe go a little bit even more conservative, and just let it, you know, let it run and, you know, sleep at night more comfortably. That’s kind of my approach.

Matt: Yeah. Have you had this… is this off question, have you had any um, kind of hiccups using the way that it’s set up in terms of like the VPS or how the software runs? Have you had any?

Nick: No, no, not at all. It’s been pretty smooth. Yeah, the vendors that I’ve chosen to host the VPS and all. And it helped that Nurp gave us some recommendations in the beginning, you know. Then you do your own research, and then you pick the one that suits you best.

Matt: So another thing that I wanted to ask you is, so your… not your objection, but more so the hurdle that you had to get over in the beginning was the cost. Initially, with you knowing the cost and knowing so far performance, what would you say to someone else skeptical or on the fence thinking that it may not be legitimate or the cost is not what they want? Like, would you say that it’s worth it or how would you help them?

Nick: Yeah, definitely. Definitely worth it. You know, at times, you kind of have to take a leap of faith, you know. You do your research, uh, you do the background work. I did my research on Jeff Sekinger and his companies, and sometimes it just feels right, you know? Even, even the thing, um, I even researched them on LinkedIn, right? You know, is Nurp or its algos a real company? And when you look at the, um, you know, the information on LinkedIn, okay, they’re acting like a real company. They’re hiring people like a real company, you know, this is… this is legitimate stuff. And it’s been well worth it. I mean, I’ve made over… what, 80 to this point? 90 at this point, since May.

Matt: That’s so impressive.

Nick: Yeah, I mean, I plan to replace my income through Nurp and some other strategies this year. And Nurp, wow, never so big, never so big a part of it. And it’s opened my eyes to algo trading, yeah. It’s been a life-changer in so many different ways.

Matt: Yeah, it’s really almost hard to believe, right? A lot of people actually come in and say, no, it’s too good to be true. If it was true, why wouldn’t… why would they sell it one and why isn’t everyone using it? And, you know, I don’t even know how to answer that question when people come in like that.

Nick: Yeah, it’s hard to fathom, right? Until you get in, right? Yeah, it’s hard to… it’s hard to believe that there’s not one… there’s only one day I’ve been here eight months, right, or so. One day there’s only be one day I lost money, that I had a negative profit. Wow. That was $30 because of some fluke on a, like, a whip-lap or a spike in the market and just a timing on where the TP was. And that’s the only… Wow. Which is just… it just blows your mind. Yeah, and that’s a lot of trading days..
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