$50,000 Trading Account Update | 65 Day Progress

It’s been 65 days since I’ve utilized algorithmic trading in my portfolio. If you haven’t been documenting this journey to get you up to speed, I put $50,000 in a software that executes trades for me. Since then, I’ve been tracking its performance, and in this video, I want to go over the month of December in 2023 to tell you guys exactly how we did. Then, overall, the 65 days of trading. I want to give you the whole overview of the performance since we’ve put $50,000 in there. Without further ado, let’s get straight to it. Forex god. Welcome if you’re new to the channel. My name is Matt Jimenez, and I am an entrepreneur who has worked with the greatest minds in finance over the last several years. I’m here to pour into you guys everything that they’ve poured into me.

Now, if you’re watching this, you probably are managing your own algorithmic trading software, or you’re looking to do so. And mind you, I’m only going to be speaking from my experience. Prior to ever getting involved with any software, I was manually trading, and needless to say, I had too much pride to ever allow a software to trade for me. For some reason, I had this persona of, like, “no, I have to do it myself. I have to be the trader.” But since I’ve been hands-off, I have to say my skepticism is dying week by week as I see how well this software has been performing. Forex god. But more importantly, seeing how much more efficient it is than manually trading.

Now, before I start rambling on, let’s get straight to the numbers. So we are here on myfxbook. If you’re curious about tracking this myfxbook with me, I will go ahead and leave the link to this in the comments below so that way you could always find it if you’re just bored and want to check up on the progress.

Now let’s go over the 65-day overview. Within 65 days, we have seen a gain of 8.5%. Now, mind you, we are not trading on weekends, obviously. And if you’ve been watching this journey with me, you know that we had a couple of hiccups in November where we didn’t have any trades due to changing passwords and auto trading being turned off. So the 65 days is just the grand total of everything, but realistically, a few of those days have been missed, probably a week in accumulation of days that were missed trading, not including weekends. So at 8.5%, we are sitting at $4,287.61 in profit.

As you can see over here, we have our equity curve, and it’s been quite consistent. Nonetheless, if we go to drawdowns, the max drawdown we’ve seen was back here in December, which was December 6th, and we saw a 1.1% drawdown. Mind you, even though we show drawdowns, no month has ever closed out in a drawdown this far for myself. And in fact, a lot of people in the community that I’ve spoken with have not seen a month that was in a drawdown. Forex god. So these drawdowns are unrealized because they never really reflect in the account overall. It’s just with many positions open at all times, obviously, the margin in the account can seem lower. But as we close out the month and close out the weeks and even the days, we never end it on a negative note.

Okay, so let’s scroll down a bit and see some of the other stats we have going on. Within the 65 days, we’ve seen a total of 1,035 trades, which is absolutely insane. Considering the fact if you are a manual trader, there’s no shot anyone that you know or yourself can actually manually put in 1,035 trades in 65 days. This just goes to show the power of using software and where we’re headed and how sophisticated this code could really be. Because honestly, that is unrealistic when it comes to human labor. There is no shot. Profitability, let’s check this out. So, profitability is 82%. That is crazy. Forex god. We have won a total of 853 trades out of the 1,135 trades that were taken. We’ve only lost 18%. 18% out of over 1,000 trades, that is crazy.

Over here to the right, you can see the amount of long positions and short positions. As you can see, 85% of the shorts taken were profitable, and out of the 608 trades that were long, 80% of them were profitable. Over here when we move over…

Please visit $50,000 Trading Account Update | 65 Day Progress to watch the full video!

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