3 Ways Apple is Using AI in Its New iPhones and Smartwatch

As an iPhone lover, you may already be accustomed to AI in trading or AI that invests for you. With Apple’s new iPhones and smartwatch, a powerhouse of AI innovations is coming your way, designed to make your life easier and more enjoyable. 

Apple has always been at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies and the company’s latest gadgets are no exception. It’s interesting to note that Apple didn’t shout “artificial intelligence” from the rooftops when they unveiled the new products at the company’s annual iPhone launch event on September 12. However, the company has subtly integrated AI into their new iPhones and smartwatches in the following ways:

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Enhanced User Interactions with AI

The introduction of improved semiconductor designs, powered by AI, has transformed device interaction. For example, with the Series 9 Watch, users can answer or end phone calls, pause music, or access weather information simply by double-tapping with their watch hand. This innovation caters to scenarios such as when your non-watch hand is occupied with walking your dog or taking a drink. The new chip and machine learning detects subtle finger movements and changes in blood flow, making these interactions feel intuitive and seamless.

AI-Enhanced Photography 

Apple has taken its renowned photography capabilities up a notch. While the company’s “portrait mode” has been a big hit, it required users to remember to activate it. Now, thanks to AI, the camera automatically recognizes when a person enters the frame and collects the data it needs to create background-blurred photos at a later time. This means you can focus on capturing the perfect shot, while AI takes care of the background work. 

AI-Powered Siri

The Series 9 Watch’s new chip also significantly enhances the performance of Siri, Apple’s voice assistant. With 25 percent more accuracy, you can rely on Siri to assist you with even more precision.


Instead of aiming for radical transformations like some of its competitors, Apple is focused on using AI to refine basic functionalities in its gadgets, making them more intuitive and user-friendly. Ultimately, this provides users with a more enjoyable experience.

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