$1 Million in Profits: Algorithmic Trading

Matt: Welcome to the channel, everybody! I’m here with Clay Haynes, and he’s been a proud client of the Nurp team, utilizing our software. Haynes, why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself real quick to the audience watching so they can see what kind of people are in this program?

Clay: My name is Clay. I live in Florida, and I owned a small business I recently sold. I have a couple of kids, a wife, a house, and a couple of dogs, so I think of myself as an everyday kind of person. I found the software when I saw an ad on Instagram, and it piqued my interest.

Matt: What kind of business were you into?

Clay: So I owned a landscaping company; that was the main business.

Matt: Okay, cool, so you’re into landscaping. And then I’m assuming you kind of maybe retired or you left it running in tandem and you went to explore different investments?”

Clay: Yeah, I sold it in my mid-40s and retired.

Matt: Oh, nice! So you had a landscaping business, you sold it, and then you were looking for investment opportunities or some type of vehicle to park money, I’m assuming, right?

Clay: Yes, and I actually found this prior to selling. I had the intention of selling but was a little bit concerned about the future, honestly. And then when I found this, it actually put me at ease knowing that this income is greater than my needs were by far. So this really sped up the sale process and allowed me significant freedom in my life.

Matt: Wow, and when was this that you actually found out about our software, about the company?”

Clay: I think I saw the ad around March of last year. Oh, and then did over a month-long of research, trying to vet it and figure out who Jeff was and all these other things. And then I signed up in April, and I think I got funded and everything up and running toward the tail end of April 2023.

Matt: Oh, wow, okay, so it’s been like a year, let’s say, full?

Clay: Yeah, not quite a year, just about.”

Matt: So when you originally started the account, what was your biggest skepticism about even starting an account or just actually taking this thing seriously?”

Clay: I have been scammed before and I’ve lost a lot of money in investments, so I just wasn’t in a position that I wanted to really lose a lot of money again. My most skeptical thing was the returns. You know, how is something doing a good year per month, and the S&P is, I think, average is around 9%, and every financial investor on Earth tells you that’s good and just take it and keep going. I just always knew that there was something better out there. I just knew there’s a cheat code to life somewhere, and I was going to find it. So I kept looking, and that’s why I looked up investment ads and whatnot, and then this one piqued my interest after I did the research. And then they had the money-back guarantee, the trial period, and once I realized you don’t have my money, I had it set up with a separate brokerage. I’m not sending you money, besides paying for the license. So I thought, you know what, it was worth taking the step, and boy, I’m glad I did.

Matt: Nice! That’s a really major key point is that we don’t take any of the money. Nurp takes zero of the money. It’s a brokerage account that you just set up; they take your money, whoever brokerage you choose is on you. But the only thing we give you is the license you attach to the broker that trades for you. And a lot of people don’t understand the magnitude of that sentence because a lot of the time what happens is you have people saying, ‘Send me the money,’ or ‘We start the money.’ That’s where all the scamming comes in because now they have custodial power over your money. With Nurp, there’s we don’t even know whether you deposit or withdraw; it’s all anonymous, it’s yours, you know. So that’s a big point, that’s amazing, huge!

Clay: Honestly, when I tell people about this, everybody says they’re going to rip you off. And I said, well, are they going to come to my house at night because that’s what it’s going to take. And that’s not a good idea. So, you know, I just understand the skepticism; we live in America, and unfortunately, scams are all over the place.

Matt: Yeah, but this is not one of them. So that’s awesome! So, when you started the account, I’m curious as to what amount did you want to start with or how much did you actually start with?”

Clay: I have to go back and look to get exact, but it was somewhere in the neighborhood of $30,000 to $50,000 I put in. And it started going up; it was pretty rapid. So I scaled into it. Funny thing, I told myself I wasn’t going to tell anybody about this for three months in case it did go bad. You know, I didn’t want to sell somebody something that went bad. So I was meeting with my accountant regarding the sale of the business, and we are pretty good friends, I guess. And he said, ‘What else are you doing?’ And I said, ‘Well, I wasn’t going to tell anybody, but I’m doing this.’ And then the next day, he signed up.

Matt: Wow

Clay: So, he’s doing it, and he’s a financial advisor and accountant. So, when I was showing him, you know, on the phone, the returns just in the past week, that was all it took for him.

Matt: And so, anyway, so we got to see if we could get him on the show too. A financial advisor, that’d be pretty big.

Clay: I got a meeting with him next week; I’ll ask. But so, he’s doing it, and then I kind of scaled into it. After a few months, I think I dumped about $250,000 into it. And then it just kept going and going and going. And then I think overall, I put in about $1.5 million into it. And in under a year, we’re about to hit $1.3 million in gains.

Matt: Wow! So, you’ve already basically made back everything that you’ve put into a degree, almost in less than a year. So you’re almost at the point where it’s house money; you’re just…

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