What can I say? No one was more skeptical than I when I came across NURP. But I’m floored at how the numbers keep ticking away, and my account keeps growing. After 34 days of using the Fed, I’m up 10%. Twice a day when I check my account, I keep asking myself how this is not too good to be true. I did my diligence, and challenged Christian, the NURP rep with my concerns, everything from the authenticity of the claims to tax consequences. He was honest and transparent, and exhausted every excuse not to subscribe. I looked up the organization in scam foiling sites, and chat rooms, including Reddit. There were concerns about cost and Forex, but nothing about deceptive, nor manipulative practices, and no negative experiences by any actual subscribers. The administrative and financial commitments were daunting. I remember pressing the send button after seeing the warnings from my bank about sending the enormous sum to the overseas broker. Although there are videos for guidance and generous tech support, setting up the accounts, purchasing the license, and installing the bot was a little intimidating, took patience and guts. After that, it’s a matter of being patient, observing the very conservative principles of investing that are part of the institutional wisdom of the community and emphasized on the videos, absorbing the wisdom of the robust online community and suspending disbelief that the profits are really happening. If you have the funds, the patience and a little courage, you’ve got to do this, because 24/5 you make money while you sleep, and it is legit. I started on Nov 8th and will update here and other sites depending on how compelling my experience is, one way or another. But as of now, I wonder every day how is it that NURP hasn’t gone viral yet.