After searching for best rates of returns for several months online. I ended up getting an ad on FB. for Nurp, which seemed interesting. I had never heard of this before and had no clue what it was, but sounded to good to be true with compounding monthly returns, rather then ANNUAL, if you haven’t figured this out, it is a huge difference. “You know the old saying, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is”. Anyways I have heard of forex trading several years ago, but it was way over my head and didn’t have the time or knowledge of what to do. So I started doing as much research as possible and trying to find anyone that was actually using the system to find out more hoping to not be scammed again. Since I know that many reviews are fake and I personally go to the 1 stars to read before believing any 5 star reviews LOL. There was only 1-2, 1 star reviews that seemed they may have been fake as well since the company responded as not legit users. Anyway, I was finally able to connect with a couple of different people using the algo. for a few months, and they had nothing but good to say. I think every one knows that, word of mouth, is the best and worst form of advertising a company can have, most times I only leave bad reviews from experiences, to save people the headache of getting screwed as I did. Then one person took the time and actually did a zoom call with us for a few hours and showed us his trading system live, and explained as much as he was able to. This to me, sold me on the company. Believe me, we have had several bad investments in the past that we have lost 100s of thousands in different companies and scams unfortunately and trading stocks, so I wanted to check it out as much as possible before investing anything else and losing more. So, he then set up another zoom meeting with Zack and that call was about another 1.5hr. and explained even more. By this time I was pretty impressed and excited to get signed up asap. So after getting everything all set up and account funded, I hit Auto trade on 1-30-24. Being nervous and scared not knowing what it would do with my 30k I had just invested in to this, I spent several hours watching. I have checked it daily since. As well as I sit in on most 9 am morning meetings whenever I have the time, to be able to learn as much from others using this as possible. It isn’t totally hands free but 98% of the time it is, as there has been some kinks and learning curves. But it has taken the guess work and human emotion and mistakes, out of doing any manual trading in which I did not have the time or experience to do and still don’t. Anyways, I think I had a user error while also while running the bot, And just found this out last week from a morning meeting where they help with any issues that was going on, I HAVE BEEN VERY IMPRESSED WITH THESE”. I found that I may have been shutting the trading system off, which was a fault of my own, not knowing this. So I am hoping, learning this will help increase my returns, because I wasn’t seeing returns of what others were seeing. Anyways about 3 % up in 6 wks. since I started. But it’s still way better then the banks current 4% yearly and definitely the past several years of under .05% yearly which some are still paying. Then seeing this sometimes and more daily is just crazy to me, kind of like a drug high but better knowing your not burning your money. If this continued it would still be a 30% annual return which is still good. But after 6 weeks in, I felt comfortable enough to add an additional 200k and now have seen in the past 2 days a substantial increase, since I didn’t shut down the wrong way. Still, not seeing a losing day in 6 weeks is unbelievable and amazing to me!!!! Looking forward to early retirement and some well earned vacations. LOL. Thank you Nurp, for the great support and products.