tldr, it works, provided some conservative decision making is required with minimal involvement.This program focuses on an automated system using a cutting edge algorithm to help make successful trades on the forex market. It works, provided you listen and read the course material and make decisions that do not overextended your investing capital. I learned this the hard way and lost a little bit, however, I noticed it worked and the program scales very well with more balance giving the ability to earn more, again you have to follow the material and read the community posts, I feel that everyone helps out because they all have a stake in it, so they are personally interested in making the program better. That was also the first thing that stood out was the sales affiliates were USING the program, not just trying to get a sale. I talked with someone who had the same experience, working long swing shifts and was looking for a way to profit and possibly move on. Trust me, I intend on using this to help me retire before 40. NURP Is not a 1 trick pony either, they assist with funding, wealth preservation, other methods of generational wealth, it really is a full service, international program.They only drawback was the initial investment, but believe me, in the long run it is worth it, especially since you can make it back so fast. Also, they still have a low pressure money back agreement on the licenses, and that sold me. hopefully you can jump in too and become independent. I did see it as my first major step, and it at least made me brave enough to take a few more to potentially being able to quit doing something I only do for money, and instead do something I enjoy alongside the program and genuinely improve my quality of life.