I was very skeptical , but also aware that had to do something; I reach retirement age and my 492 K was very anemic to say the least. All financial institutions are good at telling you why things didn’t go well. I venture into NURP, initial price was a stopper, but since with effort I could afford it , I tried ; had some scary moments, no trading experience at all; but NURP has help available; not financial advice but you can see what they do and follow their advice and their recommendations and it works!!!. The Fed is the best bot by far and it ricks. I am having since end of May an average of about 7% a month; something you don’t get anywhere. You have to be discipline, follow their recommendations, not be greedy and stick to the recommended lot sizes and trust the bot “ keep it alive during the downs and the result seems always in your favor. It is financially the best thing I have ever done !!!