I have been with Nurp 4 months. It looks like my initial investment will be paid back in 4 months which is typical. From then on its all gravy!! Making this brave leap is going to be life changing for me.The live staff support can’t be beat, it takes less than an hour a day, and they continue to innovate. Jeff, the founder, is actively involved in the supportive chatroom community.I’m not sure yet about the average return of 10% a month, as it’s too early to confirm that, but it’s way better than the stock market and less volatile than crypto. I have moved all my Roth IRA funds into the program.I like that I am the only one that has access to my funds and I control my settings and risk appetite. No knowledge of foreign exchange is required, so you can run the algorithm as it is set up or get more sophisticated and geek out. There are clients with $20k and plenty with >$1 million. You probably need $50k to justify the expense.I’m happy to answer any questions or to confirm I’m legit at instagram/money_honey_bun. I highly recommend Nurp!