11 out of 10 stars, 10 out of 11 days. Service is on point. The encouragement in the community is contagious. The foundational education on trading currencies that I have received in the NURP ATA Pro program has allowed me to build an exciting and strong house.All that ‘word play’ being said, I started with $5k in my FED bot account (look up “FED” or “the Fed” on Myfxbook—that’ll give you an idea of what’s going on here), I’ve added approximately $8,000 more and have made $20k in profit. That’s $13k to $30k from May 2023 through mid-March 2024. And it continues to compound every day.Plus I have learned about the Forex market and met like minded winners that believed in themselves.This program has taught me about managing my greed, technical analysis on charts and tax strategies, amongst other things. The more you know, the more you know. Let’s go.