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What Is Quantum Market Alpha?

Experience the power of Quantum Market Alpha, designed to redefine your trading & investment journey with these exceptional features:

  • Best Market Research: Unlock expert insights on Bitcoin rainbow chart & Ethereum rainbow chart, curated by seasoned hedge fund managers!
  • Trading Indicators: QMA now offers the bonus feature, Quantum Trading Alerts, empowering you to take full advantage of Forex & crypto markets. Stay ahead of the game!
  • Swing Trading Tools: Leverage QMA’s swing trading strategies to capitalize on medium-term price movements without leverage, aiming to grow portfolios & optimize profits.
  • Explore Alternative Investment Funds: Explore some of the best crypto opportunities for long-term investment, allowing you the potential for substantial growth multiples over months to years. This isn’t about how to “crypto 30x” your portfolio this year. It’s about playing the long game.
  • Weekly Mastermind Calls: Join weekly mastermind calls to get leading market research, discuss trading opportunities, and interact directly with Nurp team experts.
  • Community & Education: Engage in a vibrant networking community, receiving regular market updates, coaching, and access to educational courses. QMA isn’t just a tool – it’s a community-driven approach to alternative investment funds & financial education.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed with wealth management vs. financial planning, check out Quantum Market Alpha to gain access to some of the best market research out there!

PAST PERFORMANCE IS NOT A GUARANTEE OR A RELIABLE INDICATOR OF FUTURE RESULTS. We are not financial advisors, asset managers or investment advisors. Nurp is a software provider that provides tools to traders. The exceptional growth numbers achieved by some of our users depend on various factors, and we do not guarantee any specific amount of growth or success of any software application. For more details, please click here.

Quantum Market Alpha: Features & Benefits


Best Market Research

Quantum Market Alpha provides some of the best market research out there, bringing elite trading indicators and swing trading tools, ideas for alternative investment funds, and more, to enhance your overall trading & investing experience – all directly from expereinced traders and hedge fund managers.


Best Cryptos to Day Trade

Leverage markets like crypto and forex to enhance your trading journey. Quantum Market Alpha provides deep industry research and insights into these types of alternative investments. Whether you're looking for some of the best cryptos to day trade, the best time frame for day trading on the forex market, or if you're hoping to capitalize on swing trading opportunities, QMA could be the answer!


Elite Strategies

Although QMA is not a wealth management service, it can be a decisive tool to enhance your trading & investing experience. QMA provides some of the best market research from some of the top hedge funds managers in the world. Learn how to maximize rewards through liquidity pools, discovering high-potential crypto projects & gain insights from expert portfolios.

Trade Like a Pro Without Being a Pro with one of the Best Algorithmic Trading Platforms on the Market

Our Services

Nurp is centrally focused on offering the most advanced financial technology on the market. From the Algorithmic Trading Accelerator to Quantum Market Alpha, Nurp is at the forefront of cutting edge financial innovation.


Algorithmic Trading Accelerator

Elevate your trading game with Nurp's leading-edge suite of algorithmic trading software & say goodbye to the hassle of trade journal software.

With our advanced trading algorithms, you can trade like a Forex god on day 1. Embrace the future of trading with Nurp today!


Quantum Market Alpha

Nurp offers more than algorithmic trading software!

Stay ahead of the curve with Quantum Market Alpha (QMA)! From real time trading insight to weekly masterminds with elite hedge fund managers, QMA equips you with the tools & knowledge to navigate the markets. Stay informed, stay prepared, and stay ahead of the game with QMA!


Forex Trading Accelerator

Dive into the world of Forex trading with this Forex masterclass! Learn about live forex spreads, chart signals, and so much more, to take your trading skills to the next level!

The Forex Trading Accelerator is a 14-module deep dive in the dynamic world of currency markets. Want to understand currency exchange like a Forex god? Consider the FTA!

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Cancellation Policy

If you are not completely satisfied you can cancel your subscription within your Nurp account and your access will remain active until the end of the billing cycle.

In-Depth Product Description

This is where we can use leverage to potentially profit from small movements up or down in the Forex or Crypto markets. Trades are identified using a combination of fundamental, technical or sentiment analysis. Trades are open for one day to a maximum of  two weeks. We often catch trades with 25%, 50% and sometimes even 100% profit over just a few days.

These are medium term trades without leverage. As an example, we might buy Ethereum at $1250 based on our analysis, sell it at $1900 two months later, only to buy it back again at $1500 for the next leg up. Capitalizing on such movements allows us to compound our portfolio much quicker relative to just holding and waiting. Clients get informed of every trade/investment we take, right at the moment.

These are crypto assets we purchase as investments with the idea to keep them for a few months to a few years. By investing in sound projects with a strong team, use case, technology & adoption, it allows us the opportunity to capture huge growth multiples. One of the projects we invested into in 2022 went on a 4000%+ run which is only possible in the world of Crypto.

This is where we meet weekly and share research, ideas and all leveraged trading, swing trading and investment opportunities we see in the market. Clients can ask the Nurp team of experts any questions they may have.

Members can share & discuss ideas, news, or concepts with each other. This can be either in the form of chat or forum style. In the community, members also have the chance to interact with and ask questions directly from the Nurp team of experts.

The Nurp team of experts have direct interaction with members via the community platform. We keep members updated on news, events, and opportunities as they come up during the week in the community platform, along with a deeper discussion in the weekly call. This way, members can stay prepared for movements in a timely manner.

As part of the program, members get access to multiple  comprehensive courses which teach them the ins and outs of trading/investing in the Forex & Crypto markets. All our tools, indicators, metrics, strategies and analysis techniques which we have learnt over years of experience.

By means of the community, courses and weekly calls, the Nurp team provides education & coaching to members on how to conduct analysis, strategies, approach and mechanics of investment research. We provide them all our tools & techniques for finding trading/investment opportunities. Beyond giving them the fish, we also teach them how to fish for themselves.

Members get an inside peek into the personal Crypto portfolios of Nurp team of experts, which they can use as reference while building their own portfolios.

If you’re deciding between wealth management vs financial planning, Quantum Market Alpha does not offer either per se, nor does it offer any form of investment advice or recommendations. Quantum Market Alpha serves as an educational and research tool that investors can use to potentially enhance their own trading strategies, using trading indicators, swing trading tools, some of the best market research out there, among other comprehensive features.

Some are speculating that the next crypto bull run could be right around the corner. Time will tell, but we’re here to interpret bitcoin rainbow charts and ethereum rainbow charts, as well as many of the potentially best altcoin projects out there! We’re not here to “crypto 30x” by next Friday. We’re here to analyse real underlying technologies behind interesting crypto projects. Our experts know a thing or two about crypto, and we’re here to give our take on what time could reveal.

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To inquire about our QMA program you may call us at (877) 540-7457 or send us an email at [email protected]

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