Nurp Las Vegas 2024 Event 

Investors enjoyed a strong 2023. But what will 2024 and beyond hold? Join dozens of top investing and trading experts in Las Vegas for an exclusive, high-touch conference tailored to accomplished investors. Dive into the future of investing and trading with Nurp!

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Join Nurp at the MoneyShow Las Vegas 2024 event held at the Paris Resort in Las Vegas from August 1-3! This exclusive event brings together top tier investing and trading experts to explore the latest developments in economics, markets, technology, and more. Discover how to navigate the Big Money Pivot of 2024 and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Learn about innovative alternative investments, evaluate their suitability for your portfolio, and uncover strategies for optimal portfolio construction. Understand the importance of incorporating dynamic asset classes for superior long-term outcomes and how to seamlessly integrate them into your investment strategy.

Nurp 2024

Our Keynote Speaker

Meet Jeff Sekinger, the visionary founder and CEO of Nurp. With his extensive expertise in trading and investing, Jeff offers unparalleled knowledge and insights. Don’t miss his keynote session on “Democratizing Algorithmic Trading,” where he will showcase Nurp’s groundbreaking Algorithmic Trading Accelerator!

Jeff Sekinger

Jeff Sekinger

Founder & CEO of Nurp

2024 Money Show Masters Symposium Las Vegas

The ATA is a suite of 3 precision trading algorithms that executes trades for its users across multiple financial markets.

Jeff Sekinger

Thousands are already using precision investment technology to beat the economy month over month!


Unless you’ve got a better idea…

Thousands are already using precision investment technology to beat the economy month over month!


Unless you’ve got a better idea…

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Benefits of the Algorithmic Trading Accelerator

Unlock the potential of algorithmic trading with our suite of advanced solutions.
Elevate your trading game and maximize your gains with ease.

Elite Algorithmic Trading Software

You not only gain access to 3 top tier trading algorithms on day 1 – you also gain access to all future algorithms we develop.

Multi-Strategy Algorithmic Trading

1 Trading Algorithm on 1 Market would be too easy (and boring). That's why we offer 3 trading algorithms across multiple financial markets to diversify your gains.

Not Risk – Smart Risk

No risk, no reward... But what if we could take smart risk for precision rewards? That's our aim with the ATA: to take calculated risks with the hope of beating the markets every time.

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Our visionary leaders bring expertise, innovation, and a commitment to excellence, guiding our team towards new heights

Algorithmic Trading Accelerator: Beating the Markets Even in Your Sleep

Many of our users have seen unbeatable results from the Algorithmic Trading Accelerator. See our Case Study, an in-depth analysis of how one of our top performing accounts grew by more than 370%

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