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Founded by Jeff Sekinger, Nurp is bringing the future of investing to the here & now.

Nurp: Our Story, Your Success

Nurp is passionately committed to transforming the investment world and carving a path towards a more prosperous financial future. Our inception was fueled by a vision to seamlessly blend traditional investment methods with the dynamic technological advancements of today.

Backed by a team of dedicated professionals with expertise in finance, technology, and investing, Nurp is set on a mission to disrupt conventional norms and usher in a revolutionary approach to future investments.

At Nurp, we don’t shy away from risks. Instead, we embrace them intelligently. We believe in taking smart risk – risk that is meticulously studied, strategically planned, and smartly executed. Because at Nurp, we’re not just about taking risks, we’re about taking the right risks.

investing in the future

We Believe

At Nurp, we champion the belief that everyone, irrespective of their background or experience, should have an equal shot at flourishing in the financial markets. This conviction led us to assemble a world-class team of brilliant minds from around the world.

Our diverse and vibrant team not only brings a wealth of knowledge and experience but also fosters an environment that is a hotbed for innovation and excellence, where investing in the future is second nature.

investing in the future

From The Inception

Nurp is relentlessly focused on catapulting the future of investing into the present. We stand at the vanguard of pioneering algorithmic investing technology, providing an edge to our users in the fast-paced financial markets.

But we don’t stop there. We strongly believe in empowering our users through knowledge.

Our team of experts brings years of market expertise to the table, providing valuable insights and guidance. Together, we’re not just staying ahead of the curve – we’re defining it.

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Our Journey

Throughout our journey, we have experienced firsthand the game-changing impact of incorporating cutting-edge technologies. This core belief echoes through every product and service we provide, enabling you to tap into the true power of intelligent investing.

We invite you to join us on this exciting voyage as we continue to bridge the gap between technology and finance, shaping a future that promises a more luminous and prosperous financial landscape.

With Nurp, you’re not just investing in the market; you’re investing in a movement that redefines the boundaries of what’s possible.

Our Team

Our visionary leaders bring expertise, innovation, and a commitment to excellence, guiding our team towards new heights


Jeff Sekinger

Founder & CEO

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Brittany Dotson

Head Of Operations


Abhayjit Anand

Product Manager

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