14 Day Challenge

Leverage the power of algorithmic investing on a demo account

The 14 Day Challenge

The 14 Day Challenge serves as your introduction to our flagship product, the Algorithmic Trading Accelerator. It provides you with an opportunity to witness our algorithmic forex trading bots in action, all without the need to invest your own capital. By utilizing a risk-free demo account for a period of two weeks, you can experience the power of our trading bots firsthand.
A demo account, provided by brokers, offers a safe environment for trading using virtual funds. It allows you to explore the capabilities of our algorithmic trading bots without any financial risk. If you’re interested in witnessing the effectiveness of our bots without putting your own money on the line, the 14 Day Challenge is the ideal option.
Furthermore, as your demo account grows, you can even utilize up to $2,500 of that virtual “money” towards your purchase of the ATA! This provides an additional incentive to take part in the 14 Day Challenge and explore the potential of our Algorithmic Trading Accelerator.

Benefits of the ATA


Risk Free

With the 14 Day Challenge, you can rest assured that you will never risk losing a single dollar. This unique opportunity utilizes your own broker's demo account, providing a secure environment for you to explore and trade without any financial risks.

You can fully immerse yourself in the experience, knowing that every trade and decision made during the challenge is completely safeguarded, allowing you to focus solely on learning and assessing the capabilities of our product.


Seeing Is Believing

Witness the remarkable proficiency of our algorithmic trading bots as they executes trades in the dynamic forex market. You'll be astonished by the impressive training and capabilities of our bots.

Additionally, the 14 Day Challenge grants you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the user interface and risk management settings of our platform, enabling you to gain comfort and confidence before venturing into live trading with real money. This invaluable experience ensures that you are well-prepared and equipped to make informed decisions when you decide to invest capital.


Seamless Transition

As your demo account flourishes during the 14 Day Challenge, you'll have the exciting opportunity to allocate up to $2,500 from your demo account towards the purchase of the ATA!

This means that as you witness the effectiveness of our algorithmic trading bots in action, you can make progress towards acquiring the full benefits of the Algorithmic Trading Accelerator. It's a rewarding incentive that allows you to seamlessly transition from the demo environment to utilizing the ATA with real funds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A demo account is a valuable tool provided by brokers, offering a risk-free environment where you can explore and experiment with the market using virtual funds. It allows you to engage with the market dynamics, make trades, and gain hands-on experience, all without the need to invest real money. The demo account serves as a safe playground where you can familiarize yourself with the market conditions, test strategies, and hone your trading skills, providing a valuable learning experience before venturing into live trading with actual capital.

While having prior knowledge can be beneficial, our algorithmic strategy is specifically designed to allow you to get started on day 1 without extensive experience. Our system takes care of executing trades on your behalf, simplifying the process for you.

All you need to do is install the bot, make any necessary adjustments to the parameters according to your preferences, and then sit back and watch it work its financial magic! Our algorithmic trading bot handles the complexities of the market, allowing you to enjoy a more automated and potentially profitable trading experience.

It is important to note that the gains made on a demo account during the 14 Day Challenge are not actual monetary profits, as the account operates with virtual funds. Therefore, from a financial perspective, the 14DC is not inherently lucrative.

Nevertheless, there is an exciting opportunity within the challenge. As your demo account grows, you have the option to allocate up to $2,500 from your demo account’s earnings towards the purchase of the ATA. This means that the progress you make during the challenge can contribute towards acquiring the full benefits of the Algorithmic Trading Accelerator, making it a rewarding step towards potential financial gains in the future.

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