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The ATA is a suite of 3 precision trading algorithms that executes trades for its users across multiple financial markets

Users can spend less time trading on the markets and more time living their lives, while the ATA executes trades 24 hours a day.

No. Nurp does not manage users’ accounts, or otherwise collect any financial information.

All we do is license out the trading algorithm software.

Algorithmic Trading Accelerator: Beating the Markets Even in Your Sleep

The math isn't mathing – and that's a good thing.

Many of our users have seen unbeatable results from the Algorithmic Trading Accelerator. See our Case Study, an in-depth analysis of how one of our top performing accounts grew by more than 370%


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What an amazing team

What an amazing team, platform and incredible results! Made back my investment and am up more than 60% since November 8, 2023…

Hard to believe but it trades as promised!

I have been with NURP for 11 Months starting last April. Their promised returns were met and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Getting the program set up was a…

Path to financial independence

I have been investing for over 30 years and when I first came across NURP (0-percent) it seemed too good to be true. After researching it and doing a…

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