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Seize the future of forex trading with Nurp, one of the leading algorithmic trading companies bringing cutting-edge algorithmic trading strategies to market.

Specializing in forex algorithmic trading, Nurp is bringing the future of forex trading right to your fingertips.

Get comfortable with algorithmic trading strategies, because it’s the future – and Nurp is paving the way to this dynamic and new approach to forex trading.

Nurp: your gateway to the future of financial empowerment

Our Mission

Nurp converges traditional & modern forex trading with unique algorithmic trading strategies designed to bring financial empowerment through new ways of approaching forex trading.
At Nurp, our mission is to introduce our powerful trading software to market, helping traders transform their forex trading experience.

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Cutting-Edge Technology

Nurp is bringing potent trading software right to your fingertips. Our forex algorithmic trading solutions are built from the ground-up and are designed to help users achieve financial empowerment.


Unparalleled Expertise

Nurp is one of the forefront algorithmic trading companies out there, due to our exceptional team.

The Nurp team consists of finance, technology, and investment experts from prestigious institutions like JPMorgan, IBM and SpaceX, among others, powering our formidable algorithmic trading strategies and other elite forex trading products.

The Nurp Product Suite

Nurp provides a comprehensive approach to trading. Whether it’s a trading algorithm

or a holistic trading & investing package, Nurp’s got you covered!

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DISCLOSURE:  Please note that these are some of our top performing accounts and the results are not typical.  We have been collecting hundreds of Myfxbook links from users running our algorithms that are willing and able to provide them since January of 2023. As of October 23, 2023 the average return for those clients is 11.99% per month across winners and losers using one or more of our algorithmic trading softwares. Individual users may have started with varying initial capital investments and used one or more of our softwares for varying amounts of time, which can impact investment performance.  Please note that we do not otherwise collect information about client trading performance and rely on the raw data that Myfxbook pulls from our clients broker accounts.

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